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Jellyfish is a large species of cloth with a distinct round "head", a long tail, and small "legs" similar to real-life jellyfish. Some players call it Chinese Lantern, Flower, or Mushroom.

Occurrence, appearance, behavior[]

Jellyfish first appear on the Underground level in the Friendly Tunnels. They are also found in the Tower and in Paradise. They float in the air (or in the goo) but are stationary. Like all cloth creatures, they'll recharge the traveler's scarf. They are also useful as resting spots in certain platforming sections because the traveler can remain suspended (charging and falling very slowly) whilst on top of a jellyfish or sticking to its tail.


  • They seem to "purr" when you touch them (they also glow, like all cloth creatures)
  • Some of them "pop" with glowing symbols when you touch them for the first time

Special cases[]

There are no known named Jellyfish instances in the game. However, there are some unique behaviors.

Psychedelic Jellyfish[]

A special case sometimes called "psychedelic jellyfish" occurs in the Tower level when specific in-game triggers are activated out of sequence, as follows:

  • Broken Bridge shrine
  • History Lesson
  • Underground shrine

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif The combined effect of these triggers is a mostly silent tower filled with goo, strong echo (on PS4 at least), some music and distinct, highly reverberated Jellyfish calls/bubbles. Elements of this effect can also be observed separately in various stages of the tower; the serene combination however is somewhat unique.

The video below shows a great spot for watching Psychedelic Jellyfish in the Tower:

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 1:30 minutes.

It is not clear if the effect is similar on other platforms.

Further details can be found in the Sideways Whale glitch article.

Moving Jellyfish[]

Jellyfish can be moved in Paradise and Tower levels only it seems.

To move them you can bump into them at different speeds and directions and it will affect how far and where they go.

You can also touch them lightly to adjust their position precisely and draw things with them!

Because jellyfish recharge your scarf when touching them, it's easy to bump into them repeatedly without landing in-between.

Note jellyfish will turn invisible after reaching a certain height (at least in paradise level, still NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif in Tower level).

In paradise[]

The jellyfish in paradise become stationary when entering through the waterfall leading to the Jellyfish lake (after the slide section). To be able to move them, all you have to do is get to get to the lake without crossing the waterfall. You can go over it or make a detour from the sides. Hitting the music trigger on top of the waterfall won't affect the jellyfish movements.

The jellyfish will vanish after you push them much past the gate leading to the stepped pools, towards the mountain.

In Tower[]

The jellyfish in tower level move slowly back to their original position after you push them.

To un-tether them properly you will need a companion.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Can they be moved with and without goo? Will it affect how they move?

The following video shows a Jellyfish being pushed into the HL in Tower level.

Video by domes2072 on PS3/4?. Length: 3:32, starts at 1:47 minutes.


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