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Journey is an adventure game developed by ThatGameCompany and released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2012 on PlayStation 3, as a Sony Exclusive title.

Due to its ongoing success, it got ported to several platforms:

Since the very start, the game had a very strong community, people that fell in love with the game and playing it all over again. Over the years, they discovered many interesting things and are still playing it. Journey is a very special game, it's best enjoyed "blind", with no knowledge about it before playing it for the first time.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif The Wiki was started when only PlayStation versions of Journey existed. The versions are pretty much the same. We are still updating the information. If something is specifically for a certain version, it's mentioned. Older information may say "PC" or "Epic Games", but the Steam version is similar to the Epic Games version.

The Journey effect[]


"According to Chen (one of the founders of TGC), the company focuses on creating video games that provoke emotional responses from players."[1]

A Mysterious World

Alone and surrounded by miles of burning, sprawling desert, you soon discover the looming mountaintop is your goal. The passage will not be easy but this experience of a lifetime will help you discover who you are, what this place is, as you arrive at your purpose.

~ ThatGameCompany (homepage)

You will be thrown into a scary, yet, wonderful new world, with no idea who you are or what you're doing, besides one singular goal.

Even worse: there is no guidance, no helpful hints to bail you out: you have to find out everything by yourself and make your way through the what seems like an endless desert.

Beautiful Art And Music

Soar above ruins and glide across sands as you explore the secrets of a forgotten civilization. Featuring stunning visuals, haunting music, and unique online gameplay, Journey delivers an experience like no other.

~ ThatGameCompany (homepage)

The stunning visuals (best enjoyed on a big screen, played with a controller) and the Grammy nominated soundtrack will do their part to cause a wide variety of emotions.

Beware: Journey is a beautiful game, but it often manages to cause emotions like despair, confusion, fear or sadness too. This is part of the experience.

Life’s Companions

Experience the wonder in this anonymous adventure where you travel on a life’s passage, with the chance to connect with companions along the way.

~ ThatGameCompany (homepage)

Journey is all about empathy and respect. Upon meeting a figure like you, you are forced to make decisions. Sometimes, they want to go further or go on an endless exploration. If both are stubborn, they will part ways.

Just like finding a new friend in life, you might walk for a while, lose contact or stay friends until the very end. You will enjoy the time spent together and probably respect each others flaws.

Journey is also a game about sand, cloth, and various creatures you meet on the way.

The more you play Journey you will discover slight differences or see things, that seem new. It may be hard to describe, but here are some expressions from longterm fans of Journey:

  • Does this look different now?
  • This never happened before.
  • It's so scary.
  • I have never seen this.
  • It is a hard game. (meaning not only gameplay, often the game causes emotions and not all are "nice", just like experiences in life)
  • I want to learn more about this.
  • Interactive zen video. So relaxing.
  • Everytime something new.
  • It's so funny.
  • I cried.
some guy: okay so this is my 4th journey, I guess there is nothing else to do so imma just uninstall

me: Imma stop you right there

~ Honkler, 2020-09-04 on Discord
This game is stupidly pretty.
~ Wings, 2021-02-06 on Discord


Journeys success continues through the years, it received over 100 awards. Several "Game of the Year", many BAFTA awards, the soundtrack got nominated for a Grammy (Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media ) and so on.

Wikipedia link to awards: Journey (2012 video game), Reception.

Game support[]

This wiki does not provide technical support for Journey.

If you have any technical support questions or concerns, please contact platform support teams:

  • PlayStation versions: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • PC and iOS versions:

As of mid-2021 it appears that technical support and updates have ceased from SCE and Annapurna Interactive


Video by Annapurna Interactive, Epic Games trailer on PC. Length: 01:30 minutes.

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For further hints about approximate game length, bug warnings, settings etc. Read this Guide.



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