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Journey Anew - Event
Journey anew 2.png
A Journey Call of Return
Third Friday of Each Month

Journey Anew is an event that is based on an idea by the Reddit user lChizzitl.

What is it for?[]

This event is to encourage players, past and present, to return to the game and begin a new Journey on the event date.

The event itself should help increase the chances of meeting other Companions, however, the main goal is about revitalizing our Journey roots and renewing ones fascination for the game.

Just like the Trophy/Achievement "Return", let the cycle continue...

Hopefully this idea will be adopted by the community so newer players will have a chance to get some of the more companion-based-achievements. — lChizzitl


The Third Friday of Every Month is when us Desert Wanderers will make a new pilgrimage to the mountain.

If you want to join the event, just hop on the game and play it through at some point throughout the day!

Meeting people[]

In Journey you can meet almost everywhere.

It's almost impossible to meet someone at the areas where machines are active:

  • In Underground after the first machine comes to life until the end of level.
    • Only after entering the Tower level, is the next chance for a connection.
  • In Snow, at the Patrol Fields (in between first and second field it's possible, but rare to find a Companion).

Important things:

See you in the sands.