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'This is an "Expert Mode" article or section. To avoid frustration or confusion, we recommend reading the Expert-Main-Articles first, those can be found on the main article.'

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This is a gateway page for glitches in levels in Journey. Some of them may need the player to access Out of Bounds areas.

Things to know[]

  • For general information about glitches, refer to the Glitches article which will give you an overview about what to expect, dangers and terms used to describe things that you may experience while experimenting with bugs and glitches.
  • The Expert Mode article will give you an introduction to advanced flying techniques, out-of-bounds areas, as well as hints, tricks, warnings, terms that will help expand your Journey experience beyond normal gameplay...
  • Help this Wiki to expand: add images, explanations on how to do certain glitches, write your observations on the talk pages for everyone to be part of the discussion on how to do a certain glitch.

Glitch articles by Level[]

The column "Future articles and mentions" is just a quick brainstorm about articles to be created, when there is enough information gathered to justify an article or a mention.

A list of glitches could be made, until then please use Categories like here: Category:Snow (Glitches).

If you got information about a glitch,

  • please check if its already mentioned on the the wiki (you can also contact the admin).
  • If its a new mention just open a new article and put it in the according category:
  • Consider using Talk pages to gather and discuss glitches.


Name Future articles and mentions
1 Chapter Select (Glitches) having all stones at the Wardrobe lit up, but no white banners there. Gate opening and closing
2 Broken Bridge (Glitches) Bridge not building right after activating banners - late activation of bridge

A Banner can't be activated, just stays there

3 Pink Desert (Glitches) Carpet freezes, lost chirp, disconnects, Carpet Chase
4 Sunken City (Glitches) catch a carpet, bring a carpet to the pit, Frozen Carpets (SC)
5 Underground (Glitches) War Machine (Glitched)
6 Tower (Glitches) different levels of goo

Whale in Tower (Glitched)

7 Snow (Glitches) flyers in heating room don't appear or only in small number (PC version)

Missing second WM at Patrol Fields (Snow)

8 Paradise (Glitches) frozen carpets on the east side

whale flying through a pool-wall patrolling whales at Jellyfish pool

See also[]

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Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.
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