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Welcome to the Journey Wiki
Journey is an anonymous adventure all about empathy, respect, emotions and life.

First Journeys

If you are here to research before your first journey we recommend you check out this Guide: To Your first journey

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Ruby Tuesday
January 11th
Journey Anew
January 21st
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January 1st
Silent Sunday
January 30th
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Steam Players
Using Quit to title will reset the "Companions Met Along the Way" list. If you need to restart a level, it's recommended to quit the game, restart and then press continue.

More information about the CMATW can be found here: CMATW and Guide: PC version - CMATW.

Section Updated: September 10, 2021.

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Its covering roughly the whole past year, contains a list of heavily updated or newly created articles and information about general/overall changes.

Important/immeditate update information still will be added on this front-page section and featured for some time, until added to the next Update Report.

Section Updated: December 03, 2021.

These articles need more information and examples. We need your help!

Surfing, Slides and Drops - This article explains how to do them, known locations and routes. More examples needed.

Infinite Flight on PS4 - Information on the conditions found in obtaining IF on PS4. More info needed on how to reproduce it.

Under Investigation - The full list of pages that are tagged for investigation.

Section Updated: October 1st, 2021
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This Wiki was created to gather information from the old TGC-forum community and there is a lot of work in progress.

We are currently maintaining 2,816 pages (241 articles)!
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