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The Unmotivated War Machine - A guide on how to properly unmotivate your War Machine today!

Triggers - a new article to clarify the term and to collect advanced usages of certain triggers as well.

Peeling Grounds and Sanded Wayfarer - Explains certain areas in OOB. Used for "term-clarification". Those new definitions are going to be used and updated in articles.

Disco Wayfarer - Disco WF places on PlayStation! A PC only glitch-place in Underground, a special "sand appearance", see article above.

Maps - Our fellow editor Qtzl made some amazing maps! Can be used to point out places to your Companions too.

Section Updated: September 13, 2021.
These articles need more information and examples. We need your help!

Surfing, Slides and Drops - This article explains how to do them, known locations and routes. More examples needed.

Infinite Flight on PS4 - Information on the conditions found in obtaining IF on PS4. More info needed on how to reproduce it.

Under Investigation - The full list of pages that are tagged for investigation.

Section Updated: October 1st, 2021