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This is a list of well-known community members and long-term travellers. Some of them got over several 1000 journeys and are considered experts.

If you are wondering, why there are not many Journey streams: since Journey is a rather old game, we have to consider that not too many players are playing and therefore also not streaming. There are occasional waves of interest when the game gets released on a different platform, or gets discounted in a given store (for example, Journey was available for free on PSN in March 2020 resulting in an influx of new players).

Streaming your own Journey can help to be stream sniped in a good way --> viewers can see where you are in the game and you might get a companion or even an experienced player.

Journey addicted, but can't play often?

  • Watch streams and learn!
  • Follow the Twitch category Journey to find any currently live stream (it may happen that there won't be any), search for streamers on YT (then you just have to click "following / category" and see all Journey streams).
  • Check clips or VODs from streamers of the list below

Streamers list[]

Not in a specific order, trying to sort by activity (list needs to be expanded and updated with regular streamers).

All the streamers in this list have in depth knowledge of the game. There is a lot to see and learn when watching them.

  • Stoicmom PS3/4 and PC version. for education and entertainment. She is an institution in the Journey community, we addicts often meet in her stream chat and talk about the game. She is telling stories, interacting with chat and is very educated about Journey, sharing her knowledge too. Does stream regularly PS3/PS4/PC versions.
  • retro0gamer PC. Very advanced and skilled flyer, knows a lot about Journey. Does also speedrun it.
  • 0278 - PC (PS4). A playful Companion, experienced with Fancy Flying, Glitches and OOB.
  • Gabemusic PS4. Likes going OOB, boosting and FP-jumping. "I am still learning the game." - Gabemusic, 2021-02
  • Rebishaz / Rebi, PS4, also on YT. Streams also modded Journey, has some awesome VODs and clips.
  • over_speedrunning, PS4. nomen est omen, does speedruns.
  • nichero4 - PS4. Fancy flying addict, loves to flykour, speedrunning and sharing tips and tricks to improve boosts.
  • aravshetikolava PS4. called "Ava", master in UG and also hours of Broken Bridge flying challenges. Knows every bit of the game. Streams Journey on Sundays.
  • west8008 PS4. has very playful and relaxing Journeys, but you can also learn a lot by watching him. Often travels with Zimcloak.
  • Ibanj PS4. Does speedruns, but not exclusively.
  • mariechalala - has wonderful streams about OOB and some boosts.
  • tenkarasumo/ Ten, PS4. long term community member, lots of knowledge. Likes to travel in red and do challenges. Nothing can stop that guy.
  • Mimor PS4. A really good Companion and very knowledgeable of Journey
  • CheekyD, long term community member, lots of knowledge
  • 4pn0d0d / Apno, long term community member, lots of knowledge.
  • Seki Albatross on Twitch. PS3/PS4, also on YT. One of the "ascended in Journey". Those people see the Matrix!
  • Aten RyuIchi Streams rarely, but is an incredible fancy flyer
  • Bradjel Streams rarely, an amazing freestyle flyer and speedrunner
  • Domi2072 / Littledragon666, long-term community member, lots of knowledge. Streams very rarely, mainly modded journey, one of the first journey explorers all the way from 2012
  • Pipim a master of UG and Snow, very experienced, always happy to help


Some people from above, also have content on YouTube, some are only on YouTube.

  • Nico Buis Makes videos of his Journey highlights, focusing on glitches and expert tricks, with occasional text commentary and appropriate music. Each highlight compilation is based on single journeys. Very knowledgeable and skilled player.
  • Rebi - PS4. Has also a twitch channel. Another of the ancient players with tons of knowledge. Also mods Journey.
  • Seki Albatross on YT, also streams on Twitch. One of the "ascended in Journey". Those people see the Matrix!
  • i12believe - PS3/PS4. Amazing War Machine tricks!

To be expanded.

Please do not add a random (first journey?) streamer here. This list is meant to provide links to people that know Journey in and out (see Category:Expert Mode, Category:Glitches).