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The level cube is a sky/lighting cube in which every level is placed. It becomes visible from some OOB places outside the box.

Level Cube / Sky Box
Level Cube Abhi.jpg
PS4-only-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-only-SMALL-75x43.gif

What to add here[]

Please add a good explanation on what the Cube is. Could be imagined as a box for background / environement visible from inside the level (?). Keep the intro simple!

This article should explain places in OOB, where the Level Cube can be observed.

Feature videos/images about the differences to PS3.

Information about other effects, caused by the existence of the cube (skypainting?).

Further explanations about the programming view, why its different from PS4 on etc. --> In-depth analysis.

What is it?[]


The image in the infobox on the right, is compiled from files. Players can experience the effects of the cube and eventually seeing the edges by flying high or using Infinite Boost (IB).

As seen in the images below, the Sky Cube looks different, depending on versions.

No sky cube on PS3

A detailed comparison of places where the Sky Cube can be observed should be added at How and where to do it.

Sky cube on PS4

Sky cube on PC

How and where to do it[]

Collection of information from NathanJ, PC player. This could be compared, once more material about Sky Box is collected.


I know you can have a black sky in CS, PD, Snow and Paradise on PC.

Idk about other platforms other than Paradise OOB, in which you can't have a black sky.

In PD black sky is only South.

Maybe there is one in other levels too

idk for UG, tower, BB


Please help the wiki!

What to add here[]

Places could be marked on a map, but the map should be another picture (do not replace the file of the original map). Instructions on how to get there, tipps and warnings ("if you go directly there, the wind will make it hard.." etc.).

Pictures or small videos from at least PS4 and PC version.

Chapter Select[]

Broken Bridge[]

Pink Desert[]

The video is rather about Sky Painting, but you can see the edges of the cube too.

Sunken City[]




Steam version Snow OOB, far to the North and even further to the West.


Level Cube Paradise.png 20200702125018 1.jpg

20200702125024 1.jpg

Images and Videos[]

In-depth analysis[]


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See also[]

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