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This is a gateway article for the levels in Journey, and a general introduction to level articles.

The levels[]

Chapter Select

Broken Bridge

Pink Desert

Sunken City





These level names are common community names. Some levels have different names in the game files (revealed by some curious players); those are listed in the table where they are known.

Abbreviated names such as 'CS' or 'BB' are used by community members as a shorthand.

Level # Name Abbr. Description Dev. ID Developer name
1 Chapter Select CS The level where you start your Journey. 0 Graveyard
2 Broken Bridge BB Have to build a bridge or get to the other side by flying. 1 Barrens
3 Pink Desert PD It's a wide and long desert. The sand seems almost pink and the sky greenish. 2 Desert
4 Sunken City SC Also known as the sand slide level. 3 Canyon
5 Underground UG The level with water-like sections and mean machines, mostly dark blue colors. 4 Cave
6 Tower - Activating the Glyphs will release magic liquid/fog/goo that helps you to get to the top. 5 Ruins
7 Snow - It's cold and the wind blows. Machines make a return. 6 Mountain
8 Paradise - Revelation. Everything about you is scaled up, like heaven. 7 Summit
- Credits - Three levels that together form the ending credits sequence. No player interaction.



- Level 9 09 Normally inaccessible. Development snapshot of Pink Desert circa 2011. 9 Bryan

About level articles[]

In those articles you will find the following chapters:

  • Overview: A short description. Hints – but no details or in-depth help. If there are "riddles" to solve to advance further in the level, it will be put in a spoiler "how to solve the level". The overview should be rather spoiler-free except for a brief description of collectibles and Trophies.
  • Sections: An in-depth description about every section in the level. There are almost countless things that could (and maybe will) be mentioned here.
  • Hints and Tricks, including Companion hints, those give information about disconnecting or differences between what the Companion and you see. Tricks might be helpful to accomplish the level or just something for fun.
  • Trophies, Glyphs and Symbols: Under this headline is a detailed description on how to find those, with pictures, text and different paths to these collectibles.
  • Sights: If there are certain nice and easy to reach places or even a little glitch to use to get something done, it will be mentioned here. Tricks with glitches/bugs that need extra knowledge will be mentioned in other articles (to shorten the level articles and avoid spoilers and confusion).
  • Trivia will cover additional "side" information.
  • Quotes: Here YOU can add your quote about this level (and also in the Quotes section of other articles). Funny quote, your theories, other names etc.
  • References will include references to external sources.
  • "See also" a.k.a. adjacent levels and related links: navigation to next and previous levels as well as category links, where you'll find all images and also articles concerning this level (normal stuff). Creatures and other things that are introduced first in that level will be also linked there.


  • The first three levels were kept largely the same through development and were used in the Public Beta build.
  • Three additional seemly unused levels can be found referenced in Journey game files and were most likely assigned for or created by designers Bryan Singh, Chris Bell, and lead artist Matt Nava respectively:
    • "Level_Bryan" (the famous level 9 which was possibly going to be modified for credits but was forgotten)
    • "Level_Matt" (level 10, used in credits)
    • "Level_Chris" (level 11, used in credits)
  • Both "Level_Matt" and "Level_Chris" are used as part of the ending credits sequence while Bryan is unused yet shipped. These levels cannot be accessed by regular means.
  • Bryan is playable even with a companion whereas Matt and Chris just play the sequence without the credit text/music from the respective points and continue to the next level as usual.
  • The three credits levels were authored at half-scale unlike the rest.


As ava once put it, each level has like 1000 mini games.
~ Rebi, discord 2020-02-29
Journey provides a level for each mood. Sometimes i feel more like PD, on other days like Snow or Paradise.
~ Ravingmadness

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