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If a player receives Lost Chirp bug, most of their Chirps will not be heard.

Lost Chirp Bug

Alternative Names:[]

Silent Chirp bug

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  • differences between versions (just one sentence there)
  • pd article
  • pd glitches article (imo good place to gather more info about lost chirp)
  • wayfarers gtliched
  • chirp article under trivia
  • PC version FAQ
  • FAQ

What is it?[]

Pink Desert Lost Chirp[]

If it happens, the Chirp is lost on both sides.

The Chirp sound will work as normal again, when entering Sunken City (the next level).

Often happens around a line from -the tower with the Symbol- to -shooting star ruin-. Disconnects also seem to happen here more frequently.

Investigations about time spent in level until chirp disappears, different triggers hit etc. (music triggers like shooting start and end-tower sound could overlap and cancel out chirp?).

How and where to do it[]


I have lost my chirp on snow and paradise! Some travelers planned it i do not know where the triggers are located, but obviously some do. "

RM: not sure which version this was on though..

kalimarelon06.11.2019 has only PS roles on discord[]

@Ten I've noticed that if I'm trying to break the mountain and I lose my chirp, the short walk going into the light

First Steps/Setup[]

Images and Videos[]

In-depth analysis[]


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See also[]

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