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Make War Machines Attack You Anywhere
Specifics about this Glitch are in two explanatory video.

Knowledge of UG OOB, Fancy Flying and a Companion.


What is it?[]

If you get the setup for this glitch right, a War Machine will fly and attack your low ID companion anywhere in the level!

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This glitch was added, when community-members shared their experiences and videos on the Journey Discord. For now the Wiki can only provide some quotes and the videos.

How and where to do it[]

its some a quite difficult setup, i think first companions unlock the camera, then one companion triggers the slide patrol, then they get targeted by both wm at the slide, but take the symbol before those wm reach the shrine wall.

then they trigger the first trigger for WMb, then WMa head in the sand, then they fly to the shrine while another companion is sitting at any place in ug.

The WM flies to attack them and freezes in air in any place of UG, any place that we want, that is but that;s only if a wm goes offsync in the second room, which we can't control"

i hope this can sparkle a desire to experiment with wms! In fact making WM attack anywhere at ug is not very difficult, one only has to be low id and disconnect from the high id companion while targeted by a wm and before this wm attacks.

~ Ava

But the glitch in this ( ) video is special not only because the War Machine freezes after the attack, but also because this does not require any disconnect.

we accidentally discovered with duuuuude that we can freeze wm anywhere in ug that was a crazy discovery. — aravshetikolava (or duudefish), discord. 2019-07-10

Related video Easy i12believe's double attack at the shrine

Video by i12believe/duudefish/Авалоки Тешвара on PS4. Length: 12.20 minutes.

Video that was the basis for the one above: 2 dragons attack @ HL tutorial (eng/fr)

Video by i12believe on PS3. Length: 13 minutes.


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