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Vanished, missing WM
Snow, Patrol Field
a companion with a lower ID
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What is it?[]

In the snowfield WM area it might happen, that you or your Companion are not able to see the second WM. The describtion needs to be verified, especially testing out the The ID rule for different languages. See also Quotes section.

How and where to do it[]

In Snow level, if you take like 10 mins to get to the 2nd WM, your level will be off-sync and one of the Companions will have a WM and the other will not.

If you go through at the 2nd WM's trigger by the normal route, after connecting with your companion in Snow, you'll take 7 to 8 minutes usually.

When your ID is higher than your Companion's, and you get the 2nd WM's trigger to pass through after 9 minutes and 5 sec, your 2nd WM will be off-sync and go to the SE corner in Out of Bounds immediately.

Therefore, you can't see the 2nd WM.

If you want to avoid it, you should pass the 2nd WM's trigger as much as possible within 8 minutes.

First Steps/Setup[]

What is necessary to reproduce this phenomenon (the off-sync WM)?

First is a companion.

Secondly is the elapsed time after connect with them.

Third, your ID is upper (about Unicode order) your companion's ID.

Connect with a similar companion when you aren't passing through a patrol-field yet, then you pass the 2nd WM trigger after 9 minutes 5 seconds from you met them. If the elapsed time after the connection with your companion is longer than 9 minutes 5 seconds, for example 9 minutes 40 seconds, the 2nd WM will always be off-sync. The 2nd WM trigger is almost in the middle of the patrol-field. It's a long line to the east from west.




ty, Apno Then there is another fact.

If you pass the 2nd WM trigger when the elapsed time is longer than 9 minutes 5 seconds, she moves to SE corner. Then, after (about) 18 minutes and 14 seconds she'll move to back to the patrol-field.


Hmm the time it takes the wm to return varies, to me.


That's right. But in this case, it will be like this.

More precisely, if the elapsed time is after 8 minutes 50 seconds, the 2nd WM will also be off-sync. For the elapsed time from 8 minutes 50 (or maybe 45?) seconds to 9 minutes 4 seconds, she'll dive once at the patrol-field and then move to the SE corner.

After 9 minutes 5 seconds, she moves directly to the SE corner. If you get a trigger on the hill and then see the south, you'll be able to see her moving to the SE

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