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Being Naked
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Most of them
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Naked Wayfarer is a glitch that causes a Wayfarer's cloak to disappear. Glitch variations include Naked Wayfarer (the character you control loses the robe) and Naked Companion (you see the companion's character without the robe).

General information[]

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Regarding whether the Companion and you can both lose their robe. It seems that both it possible, although the "Naked Companion" seems more frequent than the "I can not see my robe". [1] If you lose your robe, it's not clear whether your Companion can still see your robe (might be possible).

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif Only you will see the naked Companion; they still will see their robe.

PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif The Companion-loses-robe glitch is well-known on PS4, needs to be verified for PS3[2].

PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif On the PC version, this glitch seems to happen more often then on PS4.

The Robe normally comes back when entering the next level.

How to get it[]

A fully "naked" glitch is when the rope disappears completely as shown in the gallery below; an askew robe is technically not "naked", and it's a different glitch. The latter happens in certain strong wind conditions when falling or rolling. An askew robe is still present, just collapsed to one side of the traveler, and will eventually fix itself. The image in the Infobox on the right just shows an askew Robe.

On the Epic Games version the Robes seem to have problems to hang correctly; this might have been fixed by a patch, as it's not happening that often anymore.

Getting a naked Companion seems to happen more often in certain levels or in OOB areas.

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It seems that one cause of losing the Robe is speed. It's been reported that fast flying / boosting sometimes did lead to losing the robe:

Sometimes after dive boosting or face planting.
~ WheresMaldo, 05-18-2020 discord


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  1. WheresMaldo, 05-18-2020 discord. about vanished scarf and robe: "Me, companions. Robe, scarf, sometimes both." Soufly, 05-18-2020 discord. "I've only seen companions go robeless."
  2. Ravingmadness, 05-16-2020: never was naked or had a naked Companion on PS3. Does not mean it never happens, we just dont know about it.