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Off-sync is when two players are connected and their level is in a different state for each player. The effects range from the internet connection only being a couple seconds delayed to mismatching level triggers.


Off-sync things are highly connected to the The ID rule.

This article

  • should explain among other things, the off-sync WMs --> attacks and invisible WMs. Then linked from articles that concern those places, FAQ, since many ask themselves why WMs are missing. "Hiint: here it might happen your or comps WM is invis. See off-sync..."
  • could be used to write about general things, that do not look the same for players too. Some might be related to ID-Rule, some are natural and not a "glitch-off-sync". Examples: e the shooting stars in SC, loud chirping at your Companion at the end of Paradise, makes their Robe glow, but only on your screen.
  • Should be discussed with Wiki Crew. ravingmadness (talkcontribslogsblock log)


Off-sync is a general term to describe how when two players are connected, two different games are running and sometimes different things are happening at the same time.

Some events in the game are meant to be shared, but if something goes wrong in one game, it can have an affect on the other player.

For some Glitches, you may want to do these things on purpose, but it’s also good to have an understanding of these glitches so you can adjust during a normal playthrough to make it better for your Companion.


To know that sometimes your Companion does not see a certain War Machine or to know that they can see it, but its invisble on your side.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif About different outcomes and looks of off-sync things, concerning platforms. It seems that for example the invisble Snow WM happens much more often on Steam then on PS3...


Off-sync will inevitably happen after you spend too much time in a level. Tests were somewhere around 10-15 mins and some events will be broken for the host.

There might be differences on the looks of offsync things, depending on platform.


Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Offsync War Machines do not often happen on PS3, frequently on PS4 and often on Steam.

On Steam the Flyer Room WM is invisble often, only the red ligth appears for some seconds. While this is not reported for PS3, but there is this thing, where the WM is visible.. Ravingmadness: on PS3, only had this 2-3 times ever. maybe this is what offsync really looks like, just on steam it happens more often and the WM is invis?

Offsync GOO[]

A sketch from aravshetikolava, setup for Offsync Goo.

Different level state for both companions where one companion has lower goo level than another.

Offsync Whale[]

In the tower level if you take too long to reach the whale level, when you ride the whale around the tower the Hosts whale will be forced out of bounds to coordinates x: 0 y: 0 z: 0 and return. one way to make whale offsync is to wait a while before releasing it. ~10 mins or so usually does the trick. Whale goes to xyz coordinates 0, 0, 0 which is very Southeast corner of oob and back for one companion. I believe it would be only for the companion with the first letter of their ID higher than the other — Rebi on discord, 2020-08-11

Offsync War Machine[]

Example in snow:

Missing second WM at Patrol Fields (Snow)

I can't be sure without knowing the circumstances, but usually when a WM is missing, it means your and your Companion's WMs are offsync.

Meaning you might not see it, but they can. It can be a caused by a lot of things.
— Siminur (Islienne), discord. 2019-01-27


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  1. Ravingmadnes, 2021-01-16. Most of the initial information for this article came from Rebi. Ty so much!