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This is a gateway page for the out of bounds levels in Journey.

Before you go there[]

If you are not yet familiar with the OOB areas in Journey, start with this article: Out of Bounds. It will give you an overview of what to expect, dangers, sights and terms used to describe things that you will experience in those areas.

It is also recommended to read the Expert Mode article which will give you an introduction to:

  • OOB
  • Fancy Flying
  • Glitches
  • other hints, tricks, warnings and terms that will help expand your Journey experience beyond the normal gameplay.

OOB articles by Level[]

Help this Wiki to expand: Add "sights" and images, explanations on how to navigate and other useful information to these articles!



Name Abbr.
1 Chapter Select (OOB) CS (OOB)
2 Broken Bridge (OOB) BB (OOB)
3 Pink Desert (OOB) PD (OOB)
4 Sunken City (OOB) SC (OOB)
5 Underground (OOB) UG (OOB)
6 Tower (OOB) -
7 Snow (OOB) -
8 Paradise (OOB) -

See also[]

Beyond normal gameplay, top-topics
Recommended Categories

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Robins Guide for Newcomers . 26 Minutes, full of tips, tricks, dos and don'ts.

Expert Mode

Expert Mode introduction article to everything beyond the most basic gameplay. Expert Mode topics: