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Paradise last walk.png
Start Area, Snow Slide, The Kelp Path
Arc of Light
Last Walk
nomen es omen

Paradise is the level were you are finally allowed to reach the top of the Mountain.

Alternative Names[]

Mountain Top, Peak, Summit


Important note: If you quit the game or it crashes when you are in Paradise, the continue option will bring you to the Snow level!
By reading further you might get exposed to spoilers!


Start Area[]


Snow Slide[]

The slide down to the Kelp Path

The Kelp Path[]

The slide down to the Kelp Path

Jellyfish pool[]
Whale pools[]
Arc of Light[]
Last Walk / Summit[]

The final/last walk. Summit.

Hints and Tricks[]

Tricks could be also a in-level glitch. Either write it here down or create own article and link it here.


Klowny Mountain (If you turn your camera to the left, you can see Klowny's Mountain and the smaller Mountain)

Klowny Mountain at start[1][]

This mountain was named after our community member (Beloved)Klowny. For some background, see footnote.

Drawing at the end[]


Not a sight, but something you should know about. At the end of paradise where you lose your scarf you can draw in the snow. Many draw hearts, when they enjoyed the journey with their companions, some can do stars, letters and flowers. Create your own "sign", have fun guessing what your companion is drawing, try to copy what they did etc.

Here is a clip from VenatusVakers channel: funny clip about drawing at the end.

The last/final climb[]

Up here! On the right side, around the last third of the walk.

Up there you have Symbols floating around you. The dark background makes them look like big Snowflakes.


  • This part of the journey was called "Summit" in the original game concept
  • The flight path in Paradise loosely follows the structure of previous levels starting with broken bridges; this is also reflected in how various cloth creatures are (re)introduced in Paradise in the same sequence they're discovered in previous levels. Developer's commentary video (Journey PS3 Collector's Edition) confirms that this was a deliberate choice (see quote below).


The gameplay in this level is a reflection of all the gameplay throughout the game, so this is kind of re-living your memories of everything you've gone through up to this point...
~ Matt Nava, Lead Artist (from PS3 Collector's Edition commentary)

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  1. BelovedKlowny was another wellknown and loved community member. He died in end of 2018 and our thoughts will be always with him. Our lovely community member/streamer/friend of Klowny --> Stoicmom told this story, about why she calls it Klowny-Mountain: Both Klowny and Stoicmom wanted to name the mountain after their friend (like saying "this is her/his mountain"). But when Klowny died, the mountain became some kind of memorial. Visiting this mountain means for some, to take a break and think for a while on Klowny (and other deceased community members).