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Main article for gathering info about glitches in this level.

Up-to-date list[]

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List of Glitches[]

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Inactive Carpets[]

Main article: Inactive carpets in paradise

Endless Whale Ride[]

It is possible to make one of the whales stay in the lowest waterfall pool (the one after the Jellyfish Pool / 3rd arch). The whale will be swimming there in a tight loop and you can enjoy an endless ride if you jump on. This whale ride would normally happen at the very top, and the whale would drop you off after a certain section, but in the lower pool you can swim on the whale for as long as you want.

This happens if you activate the whale trigger in the Kelp Path (right before the waterfall/bridge that leads to the Jellyfish Pool) after the Whale Pools triggers (in the upper section of the level). To do this you'll need to skip the Kelp Path by flying over or climbing across the slide section.

The video below shows how to activate this glitch:

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 2:59 minutes.

No Summit glitch[]

Also called "breaking the mountain". This glitch makes the final mountain disappear leaving only small rocks and the lights visible. It also turns off the ring of clouds that surround the level.

The images below show the effect.

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 7:00 minutes.

The glitch is very simple technically (it requires exactly one trigger to activate, and does not depend on any other actions). The challenge is to locate the trigger, and to find the way back afterwards. Both tasks are obscured by a forced camera angle from the final walk and a completely washed-out screen with zero visibility. At least two methods have been discovered that activate the glitch reliably. These are described below.

Easy method[]

The following easy method makes triggering the No Summit glitch a trivial task: just jump into the trench at the correct location and you'll get the glitch. Details below:

  • Start on the east side of the final mountain (it's beautiful up there). The trick is to land right on the trigger that turns off summit decorations, but avoid the Final Walk / End Game triggers nearby.
  • To do this, drop into the trench from the spot between gold rays and a visible crack on the opposite wall (see video below).
    • Simply walk into the trench until you start falling and the camera goes crazy.
    • You'll fall for a few seconds and then hear the wayfarer land (you'll also feel it in your DualShock, but the screen will be completely white at this point).

That's it. The trigger activates when you land. All you need to do is get back into the level.

Getting back into the level:

  • At this point the screen is white and the camera is also locked, but it's not hard to escape: simply walk east by pushing right on the left stick. Don't touch the right stick, just let it go and walk blindly.
  • Keep walking and eventually you'll see the wayfarer again, then the scarf will grow back, and soon after you'll regain full speed.
  • Somewhere along the way you'll regain camera control which can make it more confusing. Use the sun to navigate (the sun is roughly north-east). Once the full speed and scarf are restored, you are free. Check your bearings and dive into the level, or go exploring OOB.

The video below shows the steps to activate the glitch:

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 3:28 minutes.

Original method[]

The following steps were recorded when the glitch was first documented (a much simpler version, described above, has since been found):

  • Land on Jenova Peak, walk past the tightest section of the trench.
  • Drop into the trench. The camera will move away and you'll fall for a while but eventually land (you'll feel it in your DualShock).
  • Walk towards the camera (you won't see anything for a while, eventually the wayfarer will appear in the distance).
  • Keep walking until the wayfarer gets close to the camera, just about touching the bottom of the screen (if you get too close you'll hit the end-level trigger)
  • Walk back to where you dropped in, pushing north-west to go around invisible walls. The wayfarer will disappear in the distance but eventually you'll get out of the locked camera zone and will see a blue figure in white mist.
  • Use the sun to orient yourself and walk west (the sun is roughly north-east). Eventually you'll regain the ability to run, and soon after the scarf will grow back. You are now on the OOB side of the top plateau, closer to its north-west edge and well clear of all triggers. The best way back is to keep pushing west or south-west until you fall off the plateau and (after a long flight) land on the terrain below.
  • From there, return into the level or go exploring the areas not obscured by the fog.

Additional notes[]

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif It may be easier to return through the ascension section (where you glow and float up):

  • Walk east on the invisible platform behind the Final Walk area until you fall off it.
  • Quickly clip into the vertical side of the Monolith (the part of terrain with the final walk plateau on the top), this will prevent you from falling all the way down to ground level.
  • Walk (on the vertical wall) towards the level until you reach the south side of the Monolith and the goo/glow/wind section, then simply fly into the level towards the top arch.

The glitch only hides decoration meshes (visible elements of the level) but it doesn't affect collision geometry ("hulls" or invisible walls) so you can still land, for example, on top of the invisible Mount Jenova.

Expert method[]

Doing a too powerful ski ! This is a glitch Journey speedrunners use to finish their runs in every glitched category. It is very hard to do reliably but goes as shown in the video below. When a ski is performed too well like in this example, the speed makes the player go through the ending trigger without getting to the credits. When this happens the player still has control of the wayfarer after crossing it and can get back in the level to observe the broken mountain.

Video by nathanj on PC. Length: 1 minutes.


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