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Paradise (OOB)
Paradise oob mainimage abhi.png
Many places to get stuck (depending on where you go).
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This article explores the out-of-bounds (OOB) areas of the Paradise level. For general information about the level, please refer to the Paradise article.


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The Paradise is like Swiss cheese - there are many holes to fall into, but not all lead to the big OOB area. The chance of getting stuck in OOB in Paradise is high: the wind may press you somewhere where you can't escape, the goo can make it hard to fly down, and sometimes the entrance where you fell through is just too high up and you can't reach it.

Before the slide[]

The earliest OOB entry known to this Wiki is right before the snow slide section. Follow the cloth bridge from the first arch but rather than entering the slide section, turn right before the second arch and fly along the edge of the slide on the outside until the wind pulls you out-of-bounds. It may be necessary to dive slightly and/or maintain a fairly high speed. Using this method skips the slide triggers which enables additional sights such as frozen carpets behind the Jellyfish Pool.

The video below shows how this OOB can be used (also showing how to reach the Final Walk base which is where the wind walls surrounding the main level end).

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 1:21 minutes.

At the start of the slide[]

To enter this OOB it is best you trigger the music by the waterfall at the end of the slide section first (to stop the forced sliding down), then come back to find the OOB hole entrance over the start of the slide. See the following video for instructions (entrance location shown at 0:27 min):

Video by nathanj on PC. Length: 00:59 minutes.

At the end of the slide[]

PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gifPC-checked-SMALL-75x34.gif This entry is located in a little crevice on the outside of the west wall at the bottom of the slide (south-west corner), where it meets the wind wall.

  • First, slide into a pocket that is located on the back of the west wall (1:02). There may be some wind resistance as the boundary wind rail is nearby
  • Once inside, fly west out of the pocket and aim to the right side of the white area to enter (1:28) aiming down. See the video below.

Notes from the original discovery[]

Do not press the "fly" button once you get through the entrance - as that may send you back into the map. Use your controls to aim to the ground, while heading in the direction shown in the video. You can fly when you are near the Grey Triangle Mountain (shown at 1:40) and keep heading in the same direction until you reach OOB.

This video also shows exit path (2:58) that leads you out to the top of the Southwest Mountains surrounding the Kelp. Keep the pool to your right as you go around its edges to go back to the Southwest Mountains.

Video by ThatRandomWayfarer on PS4. Length: 04:58 minutes.

This entry is perhaps the best in Paradise because it gets you past the wind walls into the outer OOB, saving the need to travel all the way to the Monolith to go around the wind walls.

Simplified version[]

Basically as soon as you cross the wind wall you are out-of-bounds. To get in:

  • Simply drop into the crevice head first, pushing into the wind (you'll see the camera twitching as you get past the wind wall)
  • Trace your path back up a bit, pushing in the same direction.
  • You're in! From here you can go wherever you want

The video below shows this simplified method.

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 0:47 minutes.

Kelp Path entrance[]

Another entrance can be found on the left side of the Kelp Path near its start. How to find the Kelp Path entrance:

  • At the end of the snow slide, turn right and fly up the main waterfall.
  • When you reach the running water, turn left again and continue on the waterfall edge.
  • Jump past the tall kelp that is now on your left side.
  • Continue in that direction along where the dark rock texture meets the white edge.
  • Find the entrance between an isolated dark texture smudge and that edge. You will be able to simply walk into it.

Alternatively here is a video showing the entrance:

Video by ElektrykOliG on PC. Length: 00:49 minutes.

Jellyfish Pool entrance[]

This entrance is in the Jellyfish Pool, on the wall opposite to the entrance from the kelp area, behind the mountain in the middle. Video below shows the exact location:

Video by ElektrykOliG on PC. Length: 02:02 minutes.

Behind the Summit[]

You can enter OOB when climbing the ending mountain (The way you can go to trigger the color ripples). For this, climb on the West side, and continue further North on the mountain's side, until you drop OOB. To reach the mountain's side first, use fancy flying (various dive boosting-based techniques works).

Video by Rin on PS3. Length: 01:24 minutes.

Getting past the wind walls[]

The Paradise OOB is unique in that most of the regular level is floating above base terrain rather than being built into it. Falling into one of the OOB entrances in most cases lands you on the base terrain (which is already OOB) but wind walls limit your mobility to a relatively small area in the middle of the map. To visit some of the key sights you'll have to break past those wind walls: this is like OOB inside OOB. The wind walls surround most of the level on the west, south and east sides, but there is an opening on the north side near the Final Walk area. If you hit the wind, do not fight it, follow along the wind wall keeping North as your general direction until you reach the Monolith (a very tall pillar at the base of the Final Walk area). The wind walls are open to the east and west from the base; touch the south side of the Monolith and then head straight east (or west) until you see the edge of the map. Then you'll be in the outer OOB and can walk around the level to explore various sights.


Many parts of the Paradise level are floating above base terrain level, so once you fall through there is no easy way back. You can only return in three ways:

  • Climbing invisible walls where you can reach them
  • Floating up using "goo lifts"
  • Dropping in from higher altitude

The following exits are easily accessible:

  • Skydiving from above (Jenova Peak, Final walk OOB, Monolith sides, etc). You can cross the wind walls anywhere when flying from OOB back into the level.
  • Using vertical sides of the goo cubes as "goo lifts", works anywhere around the start area but be mindful of the crash zone in the south-west corner.
    • To use this method, find the area where the goo starts (you'll see floating symbols, the wayfarer will start glowing and floating up).
    • Stay right at the edge between "goo" and "no goo" ("floating" / "not floating") and wait until you float to the "surface" (you'll see ripples on the water and will stop ascending). You'll pass through layers of white mist and will see some interesting artefacts along the way
    • Fly into the level. You'll have to be above the goo to get into the level. If you dive you may end up in the goo below the surface instead with an invisible plane blocking access.
  • Climbing up invisible walls near Kelp Path (use goo edge as a guide but climb towards the huge wall instead of flying into the start area).

Sometimes you can get out by backtracking along the same path you used to enter the OOB, but the way out will often be hidden with no visual elements to look at... try to observe from where you just entered in OOB side.

Exits are harder to find than entrances in Paradise OOB. Multiple exits can be found near the sliding section, but are all sort of hard to find, keep on searching and good luck!


Level map[]

This map shows a general view of the level including key sights, landmarks and navigation elements.

Additional maps[]

No other maps are known to exist at this stage.


The sights in this section are generally arranged from south to north.

Blackness (south)[]

Not much of a sight but it does exist in Paradise (tested on PS4 at least), and with all the fake mountains surrounding the level it appears not too far from the level.

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gif If you dip into blackness and get back, you may experience "Ink paintings" as shown below:

Cloud backdrop[]

These are slightly curved planes with a repeating pattern that looks like white clouds, a few of those can be found along the south side of the level, after the mountains etc. Unlike the "far" clouds which always form a circle around the wayfarer to appear distant, those cloud "curtains" are static and if seen from a certain angle it's quite obvious that they are just a flat image. An interesting sight nonetheless as they exist only occasionally on other levels (most notable example would be the fake sky surrounding the exit area in Broken Bridges).

Rainbow symbols[]

A bit further north, and not far from the Vortex (see below -- exact location to be confirmed) there is an area where you float in the magic goo and some of the floating symbols change colors from the standard milky white to rainbow colors from red and pink, to green to purple and violet. You get more of those symbols if you dive, and if you let it go the wayfarer will float up and eventually hit an invisible ceiling (or rather floor, as you are below the main level). The camera will zoom in and it's possible to see the symbols up close.

PS4-SMALL-75x43.gifInvestigation-SMALL-75x43.gif This sight has been observed on PS4 and a subtler version has been captured on video for iOS. Details for other platforms are under investigation.

This colored appearance is similar to the Starfields in Underground level, as well as the Color Ripples in Paradise glitch, although it is not clear if (or how) these effects are connected.

Many rocks in OOB have a similar "palette" near the bottom (more examples can be found in Paradise and Sunken City) but they usually aren't as colorful. One extreme example can be found further north (see Disco Zone section below).

Carpet phalanx[]

Outside the main terrain, a fair distance south-east of the terrain corner a huge formation of carpets can be found. They are arranged in rows within which groups of 2-3 or more can be seen depending on which triggers have been activated (and by extension, which OOB entrance was used) but up to thirty or so can be seen. They look a lot like a military parade, or Roman phalanx.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif As mentioned above, their appearance and behavior varies depending on triggers; some of the following may be observed:

  • The carpets will glow if touched, and being close enough to the surface it's very easy to jump on top of them.
  • Some of them may appear warped as if the wind messed with their tails. Sometimes they're just normal and wobble slightly.
  • They will glow when touched.
  • They may respond to your chirp with a cascade of tweets and chirps (very funny especially when there's plenty of them).
  • In some cases (details unclear) they'll emit an explosion of symbol particles upon touch similar to how Jellyfish do elsewhere in the game.
    • Video added showing explosion particles, chimes, twirls by carpet on PS4 (start at 2:43) Seshatienosco (talk) 22:32, 15 August 2021 (UTC)

Video by ThatRandomWayfarer on PS4. Length: 4:31 minutes.

The Vortex[]

The Vortex from the Snow HL can be seen normally in Paradise OOB.

It is possible to get pretty close if approaching this area from east or west side. The Vortex is right below the start of the level. Tall pillars from the start area can be used as general guidance.

A quick summary of how to get there:

  • Go out of bounds and exit past the wind walls to the "outside" OOB area
  • Travel all the way back to the start of the map
    • Use sun, moon and yellow rays for navigation
    • If taking the west path, go wide over peeling grounds to avoid wind walls, floating goo, and the Crash Zone
    • Once you've reached three white cloud "stripes" you're far enough south; follow these stripes towards the start of the level (but stay outside fake mountains etc.)
  • Eventually you'll end up behind the start area; turn north and you'll soon see the vortex.

The video below shows how to get to the Vortex from the start of the level (using west side path):

Video by Qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 5:06 minutes.

Notes on the "east" path:

You'll have to fight with the lifting force (keep diving down with "fly" on), and side wind is occasionally getting in the way but there is a path. I reached it by following the east edge of the snow terrain then diverting further east once the wind bubbles started to appear. Keep going south and around, aiming towards the south-east corner of the map but walking further east where necessary, with windy area on your right side. If succeeded you'll be able to inspect the vortex and the fake "snow plain" with white mist and wind, and even fly through the eye of the storm to the entry area (it's blocked off though, you'll end up swimming below the level).

To exit after viewing the vortex, follow the path shown in this video:

Video by Qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 2.56 minutes.

Notes on the "south" path:

If you're using the "At the end of the slide section" OOB entrance, this video shows the path to the Vortex from the outer south area with that in mind and uses the same exit as the video from Qtzl3000 - but also shows you how to return to the main gameplay area.[1]

Summary of the directions from video:

  • Make sure you can see the pool/lake area (columns of navy in the center between huge mountains)
  • Head north (towards the columns) but aim down to the ground (fly or walk - it is a very long way)
  • You'll encounter wind wall, but can easily walk/fly past it
  • Periodically lift up your wayfarer to check that you're still going in the same North direction to the columns
  • You'll eventually see a small white lateral light at the center of a large blue dome outline (the vortex)
  • Keep heading towards it and keep your wayfarer down to the ground

In order to exit:

  • Head up to the direction of the tunnel
  • Keep that same direction but aim to the ground and keep swimming
  • You want to go under the mountains (you'll see a sky blue polygon that seems to move on the floor)
  • Once you pass under the mountains, look up and you'll see a light sky blue scenery with the kelp/waterfall (North)
  • Keep heading towards the waterfall area
  • You'll see a sudden sky blue wall blocking that scenery (keep that sky blue wall to your right)
  • Fly along the bottom edge where it meets the snow ground and keep heading in the same northward direction
  • You'll eventually get gravity pulled to the slide area (through the right wall)
  • Keep heading in the same direction until you can go no more and there is a wall directly infront that seems to block your way
    • Aim to go through that front wall (North), while fighting against the gravity of the slide pull to your right (East)
    • It will pop you out through the wind wall to the other side
  • Head under towards the open area under the dark navy mountain until you can see the moon
  • Head towards the moon and you'll be in the Southwestern OOB

Note that you can actually proceed back in map from here as well (in the linked video), just have to head upwards towards the navy mountains while keeping the pool/lake area to your right.

Ancestor Hall[]

Somewhat below the starting area at the southern end of the level (below and "inside" the Vortex) lies the place where the resurrection cut scene takes place.

After the cut scene the place is filled with mist, the Ancestor figures despawn, and the only parts that remain visible are a white circle ("floor") and a simple white mesh surrounding the cutscene. The area can be accessed when exploring OOB, but the Ancestors won't be there.

File:20200702121300 1.jpg|Ancestors Hall deep below the Paradise level

File:20200702121044 1.jpg|Ancestors Hall below the Paradise level

File:Ancestor close up.jpg|Ancestors close up

File:Paradise OOB Ancestor Hall.jpg|Ancestor Hall from outside. Zooming in will reveal the Ancestors standing in the white light

Final walk plateau base[]

Alternative name: "the Monolith" (for its appearance on PS4)

The farewell area and the final walk plateau are the highest part of terrain in Paradise. To create such an elevated plateau the developers had to pull an area from the base terrain (ground) all the way to the top of the mountain.

On the northern side right near the end of the map in a vast flat valley, the base of that farewell area can be seen rising high like a very tall pillar, midday sun shining from behind it. With terrain features pretty scarce below the level, it's a great landmark and a beautiful sight.

Sideways light rays[]

A bit further north, on the east or west side of the ascension pillar you can see a reflection of the sun, except it's on the side wall because the terrain changes so sharply in this area. It looks like a searchlight or a lighthouse in winter, especially at certain angles when the terrain itself becomes darker. A few more of those can be found in the OOB area next to other vertical terrain walls.

Mount Jenova[]

Mount Jenova refers, in different interpretations, either to the entire mountaintop area at the end of the Paradise level, or to the surrounding mountains (level geometry that form The Mountain) accessible out-of-bounds. "The Mountain" in the context of the game is not exactly Mount Jenova; only in the context of exploration (whether it's in-bounds or out-of-bounds).

The name was given by the community to honor Jenova Chen, creative director of Journey and co-founder of ThatGameCompany.

The OOB part on top of the final mountain is also sometimes called Jenova's Peak.

It is possible to make it up to the very top of the mountain when exploring out of bounds. It's easier to reach the peak with a companion; without you will need the ability to boost or a lot of patience. At the west side of the mountain you can slowly make your way up, heading west and up. Walk until you will be able to fly further up to the peak.

The video below shows the flight path to land right on top of the peak (with enough height you can flight straight into it, the only obstacle is the two invisible wind walls that form a narrow corridor between the last Arch and the Farewell Area -- simply fly right above it as you approach the peaks, and then adjust your course to land on either side).

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 1:30 minutes.

The sky is stunning blue up there, and parts of the peak give a nice blurry effect (similar to the last walk area). It's also nice to explore, but be careful as you might fall down.

Jenova's Peak East[]

The east side of the peak is also worth exploring. The very peak is non-solid but inside it are some beautiful sights:

  • A dense cloud of misty glowing dots
  • Golden rays (the ones that shine into the final passage) can be seen from the side
  • The top of the mountain looks like an "ice breaker" or an "ice ship" from this side.

Be careful in this area as you may lose your scarf and accidentally fall into the final walk area triggering the cutscene.

This side also offers easy access to the No Summit Glitch trigger.

Disco Zone[]

This disco zone is located on the northeast slope of the main mountain, near its base. Although the area is obscured by white fog, it's very easy to find knowing the exact location.

The following is perhaps the easiest path:

  • Start from the east side of the Monolith (at terrain level right below the Farewell Area i.e. mountain peak). Be sure to clear the east wind wall by following it towards north until the wind ends.
  • Head straight east using the light ray / mountain peak behind you as a reference (walk with your camera pointing backwards).
  • Keep walking until you cross a dark blue wall which is the base of the Mountain mesh. The area is foggy and washed out but the wall is pretty obvious when you hit it.
  • Hug that wall and follow it to the north until the fog changes from bluish white to somewhat clearer milky white, you'll see a sudden change in the mountain slope's geometry.
  • Walk a bit further making sure to get outside of the Mountain mesh, and the Disco Zone will be right there.

This area is very close to the northern Blackness so be careful when walking further north as you may fall into a gravity well, hit the Blackness at the same time, and get disoriented.

The video below shows how to locate this Disco Zone consistently (the video follows the path explained above):

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 3:26 minutes.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif This Disco Zone is different from other disco zones such as Disco Wayfarer and Underground Disco Zones as it doesn't rely on terrain clipping. Whether or not it is unique to PS4 is unclear. "Disco Zones like the one in Paradise seem to exist on PS3 and PC too, information about those things on the main article. NathanJ on discord investigated PC disco zones, some pics/info might be findable on J. discord. Raving_madness (talkcontribslogsblock log)

A similar area exists on the west side of the map, but the glitch there is just a black bar (no disco colors).

Original discovery[]

Below is the first known video of this Disco Zone. For a long time it remained the only recorded observation, until a thorough investigation revealed the exact location of the zone which made it possible to navigate to it quite easily.

The Disco Zone can be observed near the 3-minute mark.

Video by ponpom06さんと見たカラフルライン on PS4. Length: 9 minutes.

Additional images[]

Here are some still images showing the distinct color stripes in the Disco Zone.

Sky painting (PS4)[]

Walking north past the farewell pillar you'll soon leave the light box (a huge cube that surrounds the entire level -- at least the entire in-bounds area). Outside the sky box the sky turns blue and the fog disappears (some areas still have local white fog so beware). Sky painting is known to occur outside the sky box on PS4.

Sky painting can be observed on all sides of the level (east, west, north and south) but also from above for example at the very top of Mount Jenova or if climbing too high with Infinite Boost. The screenshots below show some examples.

Blackness (north)[]

Again, not really a sight but something to be aware of. The dreaded blackness does exist even in Paradise; on the north side it's a fair distance away but not unreachable.

On PS4, since this area is also a Sky Painting area you can get some interesting ink painting effects (as shown below).

Other things to do[]

There is more to Paradise out-of-bounds exploration than just sights. Some of the cool experiences include:

  • Playing with light beam triggers
  • Playing with Jellyfish in the Jellyfish Pool
  • Messing around with the whales and getting an Endless Whale Ride
  • Skydiving from the summit and practicing Infinite Boost (IB)
    • ...and variations such as Ainshent Boost which are easier to do in Paradise due to differences in gravity
    • ...and using it to get above the skybox (PS4 and PC only?)
  • Enjoying the level with no mountain and no clouds (see No Summit glitch)
  • Observing Color Ripples and Color Waterfalls (see Color Ripples in Paradise)


  • The Ancestor Hall and the Vortex were discovered by curious players who were able to modify the game in real time to reveal the area; both the Vortex and the Ancestor Hall can be seen from OOB and inspected up close, but the Ancestor figures cannot be seen without modding the game (except for the regular in-game cutscene).
  • The scripted "fly through the clouds" sequence occupies the entire bottom part of the level, but the wayfarers (and war machines / whales) get teleported to the start of the level during the final dramatic fade-to-white transition. The cutscene elements are getting hidden at the same time. Because of this transition, in some cases you may be able to see the glitter and the chirp bubble of your companion on the far end of the entry area at the moment the level is revealed even though the companion appears to spawn next to you.


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  1. There may be only one exit from the Vortex in general, which seems to be the located in the below level to the North.