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A patch (otherwise known as a new game version) is an update to the game files of Journey. As there are no official ones, the community tries to find out what changed or got fixed.

Steam version seems to have no version number, but it seems that at least bigger patches will be applied for both Steam and Epic Games version (eventually iOS too).

It appears that neither thatgamecompany, Inline Assembly, Annapurna Interactive are no longer maintaining the game therefore this serves historical and archival purposes.





[citation needed]

1.32 (first public release)[]

Incredibly bad audio issues, which could include a clopping or clicking noise playing repeatedly, at regular intervals.

- A lot of audio, mostly sound effects, now has poor quality and sounds muffled
- Some music sounds don't stop when they should when entering a new sound trigger area, making many music transitions sound incorrect
- Chirping/singing sometimes muffled, or some pieces of it are missing. Sometimes it does not play at all.
- Footstep sounds when walking on stone or grates do not play (or is very very quiet)
- Sound effect that plays when activating a mural continues to play when standing near it (only happened in two cases during a playthrough, but still worth noting)
- A lot of music cues and triggers seem to be having issues, the pink Desert has a lot of them. Some musical parts are out of place, too
- A string flourish cue from jumping off of a ramp at the start of the sand slide/sunken city constantly repeats through the rest of the area, including near the statue and during the history lesson
- Music starts extremely quietly upon entering different sound triggers on the sand slide/sunken city
- Guardian robot sound effect plays persistently until you leave the underground area, they play through the history lesson as well
- Wind sound effect at the stones you stand behind at beginning the Mountain are missing or are very quiet, only the tube-like sound is playing
- Music that plays when you find the first mural on the mountain plays throughout the rest of the area, even during the final stretch. Lightning and wind sound effects do not play at the end. However, if you enter from the left side (from out of bounds) the correct final music plays.
- Music overlaps at the Paradise area until you reach the cloth jellyfish (above the magical flying area). That music plays until the end, even when entering the mountain peak and walking into the light
(Thanks to ReynaOwlan for the list)



Audio fixes and improvements


Added the option to use shoulder buttons when customising gamepad controls.

Many sound issues were fixed, or at least improved.

Introduced an issue with the camera zooming in while rotating.


Quicker, more-stable connections to companions than in the previous version.

Rotating-camera issue was fixed for controllers, but not for keyboard and mouse.

Fixed a "CPU not supported" error for CPUs without AVX. (Ironically, the Epic Games store also added AVX support to the list of system requirements for Journey, even though it's not needed anymore.)


- Music at the end of Snow is fixed
- Music in general seems to be mixed better - - A number of players report that connecting to a companion and keeping that connection seems to be harder - Some changes made to some of the script and wad files

1.59 - 2020-04-28 "connection patch"[]

Players reported far better connection with players.

Putting back a save file (save.bin) doesn't work anymore on the Epic Games version (2020-05-02). See Hints for the regularly travelling Wayfarer#PC%20version%3A%20Backup%20Savefiles|PC version: Backup Savefiles]] and Playing offline.

1.65 - 2020-07-15 "audio patch"[]

This patch is rather new and we are waiting for players to report their experiences on discord or via the Wiki.

  • Many sounds got added or are more clear to hear. The music, sound effects (footsteps etc.) and the Chirps sounds are now very close to the PlayStation versions.
  • Epic Games: seem to have a bug, where the game does not start, due to a missing file.

This is old text to keep for a while, until we can say its outdated: (in my opinion it is fixed Ravingmadness (talk) 14:27, 18 July 2020 (UTC))

In general the the chirp sounds sound a bit different then on PS versions. Some say they have less of the bird noise to them, there may be a smaller variety of chirp sounds and so on. In Pink Desert (PD) towards the end of the level the chirp sounds of both players are missing at all sometimes.

In general, the sounds are not as 'soft' and/or 'full' (at least compared to the PS4 version).


Some form of patch notes and file diffs can be found at SteamDB (unofficial):

Patch 1 - 2020-07-11[]

  • Added 7 .ogg sound files: Mountain Gale, Silence, Blocking Area. sounds.
  • Removed 5 temporary .mp3 game files.
  • Removed 261 game files:
    • 106 .ogg
    • 100 .xvag
    • 2 .xmp
    • 51 .mp3
  • Improved 240 game files:
    • 225 .ogg
    • 15 .bnk
  • Changed game credits.

Patch 2 - 2020-07-15[]

  • Added 20 .ogg sound files for: Ruins, Desert, Summit, Guardian.
  • Removed 118 .ogg files and 2 .xmp files.
  • Improved 377 .ogg files.
  • Changed Desert Sound script and SFX.
  • HOTFIX: Changed FMOD.dll from x64 to x32.

Patch 3 - 2020-12-10[]

  • Added 100 .ogg files and 2 .xmp files.
  • Optimized 223 .ogg files.


Patch notes can be found in the App Store:

Version: 1.0, 2019-08-06[]



  • Ships with development artifacts of the game assets prior packaging.

Version: 1.0.1, 2019-09-18[]


  • This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes. Controller support now included.


It may have been this patch that fixed the CMTAW (info from discord, showing a picture of the CMATW with player names 2019-09-30).

  • Adds support for MFI controllers.

Version: 1.0.2, 2019-11-20[]


  • This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes.


Version: 1.0.3, 2020-07-15[]


  • This version includes key performance improvements and bug fixes.


"Sound Patch"
For now it's assumed that the patch for iOS did the same things, as for the PC versions. See above PC patch notes. Ravingmadness (talk) 14:27, 18 July 2020 (UTC)