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Pink Desert (OOB)
Pink desert oob mainimage abhi.png
Pink Desert
To get in there is very hard and you need a Companion (or low frame glitch warp knowledge for ps4/pc). There is also a mini-OOB area which is easy to access.
To get into the big OOB you will need to study the tutorial videos.
PS3-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif
PC (carpet warp) unknown, not tested
Main article: Out of Bounds

This article explores the out-of-bounds (OOB) areas of the Pink Desert level. For general information about the level, please refer to the Pink Desert (PD) article.


There is one little OOB area at the end tower, which is easily accessible, and then there is the real Pink Desert OOB.

Pro-SMALL-75x43.gif Pink Desert OOB is by far the hardest to reach OOB area in the game. You can either reach it solo on PS4 and PC with Low Frame Glitch, or you will need to work together with a Companion to achieve it for the carpet warp method; it also requires a lengthy setup and a high level of skills to move around certain areas very quickly.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gifIOS-SMALL-75x43.gif There is no data covering those versions at the moment concerning the carpet warp method (it should work).


Little OOB area[]

This entry is located in one of the towers in the dark sandy area at the end of the level. There you can enter the tower to visit the carpets inside. Follow the instructions as shown on the screenshot below.

Just walk into the wall where the Wayfarer stands

Getting into the last tower[]

There are different methods. Feel free to share light on specfics.

Watch the tutorial videos below and read the video descriptions to learn about it.

Method 1: Elevator Carpet[]

Get an "elevator Carpet" to chase you to a certain place, then let him pick you up. He will try to reach the top of the tower and you will slip off in the tower.

See video below for more information:

Video by Kye Lea on PS3. Length: 4:00 minutes.

Method 2[]

Maybe a Companion is needed for this. Seems similar to Method 1.

Video by oOSunkenCityOo on PS3. Length: 06:05 minutes.

Getting out with Carpet taxi after HL[]

Video by Nico Buis on probably PS4. Length: 01:33 minutes.

Main OOB entry[]

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Other methods? "I heard from one person, they remember getting there just via glitching through a windall and also said "there is a video somewhere showing it"".[1]

See also videos below!

The Carpet Warp-method[]

This method requires a complex and lengthy setup to cause one of the travelers to warp to the OOB. It should work on every platforms.

Variations of this method are known to exist, but are not yet covered on this Wiki -- but they all need a good description here, too. Feel free to use the according talk page here, or join the Wiki-discord to discuss how to get OOB in Pink Desert.

The Low Frame Glitch-method[]


This method requires to obtain the Low Frame Glitch first on PS4. Then using CS and either directly go to PD or play through BB level. On PC you can control the FPS at will to simulate the PS4 glitch instead.

Then you can Zen Jump or fpj from a high place at a precise location around the Shrine Tower. Hopefully you will build up a gigantic boost to warp to the OOB (you build up a boost when your character starts levitating the moment you land over the sand. Few places allow it and many tries might be needed).

Sometimes you will warp too far and end up in the Blackness, but its possible to find a way back or interrupt the Warp early when standing up from zen-sit, to stop it before Blackness !

The LFG was discovered to be the first Method to work without the help of Companions on PS4 by Banj in 2018

LFG was confirmed to warp to the OOB on PC by Nathanj in 2020.

Since its possible to Turn the Low Frame Rate on / off on PC, its the only way to experience PD OOB with a normal framerate after the Warp, and it might make it the most convenient way to reach PD OOB "easily" once you know where to land after a zen jump/FPJ.

Video by banj on PS4. Length: 2:22 minutes.


Leaving the Little OOB area[]

There are two options to get out of the mini-OOB area in the tower:

  • go where you came in (sometimes a bit hard to find from inside, just jump against the walls)
  • go to the right side and chirp at the carpets, they will get you at some point and help you out.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif The carpet exit seldom works on the PC version.

Leaving the main OOB area[]

The main OOB is mostly surrounded by wind walls (except for the Sunken City wall in the north parts which are solid). It is therefore possible to return in-bounds by crossing the wind walls pretty much anywhere around the map.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Some wind walls may be harder to penetrate, there aren't many details on that yet.

Tutorial Videos[]

This section presents a collection of video tutorials explaining various Carpet Warp methods. There are different methods and some tutorial videos have more details in their descriptions on YouTube.

Rebi Pink Desert Backstage Warp Tutorial[]

At the video on YouTube is also a long text explanation with more hints!!

Video by Rebi on PS4. Length: 7:40 minutes.

Ava's guide for a traveler (high PSN ID companion)[]

See also The ID rule.

Video by Авалоки Тешвара on PS4. Length: 5:00 minutes.

Older video by Rebi[]

Video by Rebi on PS4. Length: 5:10 minutes.

Tara's video showing both players view[]

Video by Tara's Sky Journey on PS4. Length: 4:53 minutes.


Level map[]

This map shows a general view of the level including key sights, landmarks and navigation elements.

Additional maps[]

There are no other known PD OOB maps yet. Additional maps will be added in this section.


Sights in this section are generally arranged from South to North, following the ultimate direction of the journey.

HL Banner[]

Located high above the far south-west part of the map. Just above the corner of the visible surface. Very close to the southern blackness.

South-West side - Sand formations[]

Sand formation.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif This was observed on the Steam version. Dune settings might change the looks. Needs to be checked on a playstation version too.

The smiley-face sand formation.

A Smiley face can be formed by moving camera in the west part of the OOB, when you are lower the the sand level.

Hidden symbol[]

Hidden symbol is one of the obtainable scarf symbols which the player can reach or observe from the distance given the right circumstances. It is suspended high above the city wall to the north-east of the Factory.

Shadow planes[]

On the northern side of the level, after the city wall, five yellowish shadow planes are clearly visible. If looking from the tower at the end of the level (in-bounds), they form the "glow" or "mist" of the Sunken City ahead. When exploring OOB, however, each of these planes can be experienced up close, or observed from the side; boosting and flying over the Belle Area or the hills/walls on the east, the shape and direction of individual shadow planes can be observed, somewhat resembling real-life Northern lights but yellow.

Long ramp[]

Near the north-east edge of the main terrain, a long "ramp" can be observed which goes along the east side of the level (further east is all fake terrain). The side wall of this ramp is very similar to the Super Boost ravine in CS OOB and it has been speculated that it could be used for Super Boosting as well, although that hasn't been tested. Nonetheless it's an interesting sight and a distinct landmark which can be used for navigation.

Fake canyon / Belle area[]

A decoration of the Sunken City level on the north, visible in-bounds from the Factory, can be explored up close when going OOB. The area includes fake rocks, arches, a tower (Belle area) and some more fake terrain / fake walls further north after that.

North-East Disco Zone[]

Flickering terrain.

This Gateway Article gives an overview about different things in Journey, that the community calls "disco".

Black sky / black box[]

In PD OOB, a black sky area is located to the west from the Belle area (northern side of the level beyond city walls, see map above). Inside this area a black cube with a small cloud inside it can be seen (similar to those found in other OOB areas).

You will most likely need to jump a few times to spot both the black cube and see the dark sky, as it is rather high in the air and invisible from the ground (a good dropshoot or RDS can help). The exact location is close to the first big tower in belle area, just a little west from it in the air.

Dark fog area[]

Please confirm that this image fits to the text!Far North-west side inside the fog cube, below dunes (Steam).

Going further past the fake walls of the Sunken City past purple fog and further north, the fog get progressively darker until the Blackness is reached. This only occurs in the "middle" part, i.e. if going north past the fake canyon, roughly aligned with the valley where WM factory is in the main level. If travelling north along the edge of the main map the fog remains lavender in color until you hit the Blackness.

Infinite Boosting in OOB[]

East side part of OOB, RDS and IB).Please read the image-file description for more Information.

As in every level Infinite Boosting is a thing to do, if one has the skill to do so.

This is an IB inside the OOB.


  • For long time it had been considered that PD had no access to the OOB area until it was discovered. "Maybe" first time, in this video:, as the comments to the video suggest.[2]
  • The location where Carpet Warp glitch moves the player to is near the origin coordinates of the map (0,0), which is the default pre-load location for many game elements. However, the player regains control a bit further north from the origin so whilst the general direction of Carpet Warp is towards (0,0) the destination is not.


. . .

See also[]

  • Pink Desert (PD)
  • The ID rule, about glitch helper and receiver. Which other glitches are affected by it etc.
  • Expert Mode an intro to "advanced things", like
  • Fancy Flying that you might need for certain entrances to OOB (dive boost and charge boost are rather easy to learn).


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  2. Ravingmadness, 2021-01-06: MonsieurDebris said on discord it might have been Rebi andAtenRyu-ichi indidpendently... will be hard to find out imo :) Be thankfull some people worked on finding out how to make it work consitent!