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Qtzl WM dump (to delete?)
Underground, Snow
Varied by glitch

NOTE: this is a work-in-progress version of the upcoming gateway article about glitches with War Machines. Current published article is available here: War Machine (Glitched).

This is a gateway article for War Machine related glitches. It contains basic information about all known WM glitches. For some well-researched glitches, links to dedicated articles are provided.

WM glitches: Underground[]

. . . Although it appears like many WMs are lurking in the underground area, in fact there are only two WM instances and they are programmed to spawn/relocate to different areas as the player progresses through the level. Most of the WM glitches in Underground are a result of breaking these programmed sequences by skipping trigger points or activating them in a wrong order (often both). Results vary for the Wayfarer and the Companion.

Known glitches in the Underground level:

  • Breaking the Golden Flyer sequence
    • Saving the Golden Flyers
    • WM stuck at spawn (active/inactive)
    • Happy War Machine (a variation of the above)
  • Breaking the Ambush sequence
    • Invisible WM in the Ambush room
    • WM not attacking the Carpet
  • Messing with patrol WMs
  • Breaking the Tower Slide sequence
    • Only one WM patrolling the slide
    • Capturing WMs in the temple
  • Other WM shenanigans
    • WMs attacking out of bounds
    • WMs attacking anywhere (??possibly same as previous)
    • Disco War Machine

WM glitches: Snow[]

  • First WM missing
  • Second WM missing
  • Playing in WM search light

More glitches / further research[]

Other potential glitches have been observed by the community, but not a lot is known about those. This section attempts to collect and structure bits of information to support further research of these glitches.

  • Dragonfly (spinning) WM

Taming a War Machine[]

??description This glitch can apparently be triggered on purpose, but the Wiki has only a video showing the outcome at the moment:

Video by oOSunkenCityOo on PS4. Length: 5:50 minutes.


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