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Charge Boost into RCB

Reverse Charge Boost (often abbreviated as RCB) is an advanced flying technique that involves Charge Boosting with reversed controls, i.e. looking at the sky instead of the ground. It gives a stronger boost than the basic Charge Boost.

Just like Reverse Dive Boost and Reverse Dropshoot, RCB requires to build some momentum beforehand to start charging in reverse ; hence why it is harder to perform.

How to do it?[]


There are multiple ways to do this trick, depending on the CB point and the technique you prefer (list of some CB points). The differents methods mentionned in this page won't work for every CB points.

First method: Charge Boost into RCB[]

See the corresponding video above or the Youtube link below. You need to know how to Charge boost, and it can be easier if you also already know how to perform the reverse dive boost or reverse dropshoot as well. This method has the benefit of working for most CB points (no extra space is needed), and it seems to be the most commonly used one.

How to do it[]

  • Start Charge Boosting, camera to the ground, and build some momentum with it (do a few CB flaps)
  • While charging, put the camera to the side (towards the inside of the wall). To not fall off the CB point too quicky, you can compensate the camera position change with your movement direction (left stick on a controller), and adjust to continue aiming for the wall.
  • When about half of the camera transition is done or a little more, quickly run out of the platform. Continue to move the camera more inside of the wall and start to level it at the same time so it faces the sky (the wayfarer will lift in the air when quitting the CB point). Also, release the jump button when lifting off the CB point.
  • After boosting up shortly and after the camera points at the sky, quickly invert your direction to dive towards the camera (=reverse dive boost position). Hold "jump" upon landing in the CB point again to RCB. Charge here for about 20 seconds or a little more for a very nice boost.
  • Move forward to boost up when ready, and release the jump button (keep the camera to the sky).

Some advices[]

  • In most CB points you also will have to learn how to control the camera to stay in place, when in RCB position. It is rather easy when charging in a wind wall (like the CB point mentionned above), but it can be hard in a solid wall:
    • It is common for CB points like the well known one of Broken Bridge, that RCBing in a solid wall will make the camera brutally move sideways when in position. To avoid this, you can flick the camera right and left continuously the whole time you are charging up (the way you would when dropshooting, in order to avoid having the camera rise by itself).
    • For the BB CB point mentionned above, try to aim and stay close to the vertical darker/green-ish lichen line on the rocks, as a point of reference for the CB corner. This CB point is a little hard to aim at when diving in reverse.

Common mistakes[]

  • The secret to RCB (just like for RDS with the initial Dropshoot) is to build enough momentum with the initial CB to allow a reversed dive when boosting, during the transition to RCB position.

Video tutorials[]

Video by Tara's Sky Journey on PS3/PS4. Length: 3:21 minutes.

Other methods: RDS or Reversed Dive into RCB[]

For these methods you need to already be able to reverse dive boost or reverse dropshoot. It would be best if you try them after the first method explained above, as these extra methods exist but seem less useful in most cases.

Reverse Dropshoot in a CB point[]

To RDS towards a CB point you need some surface to run onto in front of the CB point, so choose it wisely (multiple ones can work in the Underground, though there seem to be few CB points with enough space before them in general).

Simply start to RDS with the method of your choice (see the RDS page), and run towards the CB point. When in contact with the CB point (wall or wind wall), you will start reverse chargeboosting. Make sure to have the camera below the wayfarer's head/body before landing in the CB point (big chirps can help).

Reverse Dive into a CB point[]

This is what you actually do in the first method, but very shortly, after the initial charge boost. You can however get in RDB position with other methods, and dive for longer as well if you wish (see the RDB page for examples). This method should be doable in most open CB point areas.

The aiming part can be very hard, in order to dive directly in a CB point after a reversed dive. Therefore it might be better to perform a short RDS on the floor, in front of the CB point when landing, and then charge in it (not all CB points allow it, as the platforms can be very narrow).

  • First get in RDB position from a higher point, the way you want, and aim for the CB point.
  • Hold jump when landing in it or when landing on the floor before it, to RDS into the CB point.
  • Charge and boost like in the previous methods.

Further Hints[]

  • On a controller the right stick (camera) does half of a circle motion from the ground to the sky (when turning the camera inside the wall and then dive in reverse).
  • NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif You might not be able to RCB on CB points with steep slopes, like many in the Underground level on the East and West sides.



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