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Reverse Dropshoot (often abbreviated as RDS by experienced players) is an advanced flying technique that involves performing Dropshoot using reversed controls (camera to the sky, running backwards). It creates a more powerful boost compared to the base version of it.

How to Reverse Dropshoot[]

Difficulty: Hard-SMALL-75x43.gif

Dropshoot into Reverse Dropshoot

Reverse Dropshoot (RDS) is one of the harder-to-learn methods, but it gives an incredible boost as you are basically charging the whole time whilst running on the ground.

You might want to learn the Reverse Dive Boost first (though the first method described here can be learned without) ! This fancy flying trick, just like RDB can't be performed from the bare ground without building up some momentum beforehand, hence why it makes it harder to engage.

Also, feel free to remap your controller's buttons, if using one, to have chirp on a shoulder button along with jump (this can help a lot with this kind of harder tricks). Or find another way to hold your controller somehow, as you don't have 3 or 4 thumbs ! (Note: avoid using RT/R2 button on PC as it had been reported to make the game crash)

Getting into RDS position (2 variants in each methods)[]

First method: Dropshoot into RDS[]

This method is very similar to the one explained on the RDB page here. It is easier to practice it at first on flat surfaces, such as in lots of levels OOB (CS, BB, UG, Tower, Snow are all good choices).

  • Jump (possibly twice) and do at least one or two DS robe flaps.
  • Invert both camera and movement direction at the same time (release the jump button when lifting), to dive backwards (camera to the sky)
  • Hold fly when hitting the floor to RDS.

You can start pressing the chirp button when landing on the floor during the initial DS, in order to move only a little forward before making the transition to RDS, after the big chirp release.

NeedsToBeChecked-SMALL-75x43.gif A big chirp at the end of the dropshoot part can also help with the transitioning to RDS. (because the big chirp slows you down a little, can make you lift easier if you release the jump button too early, and can help press you to the ground)

You can also RDS in the same direction as you dropshoot towards (it is a little harder):

  • Make a DS and start putting the camera to the side when dropshooting. (Compensate by moving your character to the side a little if you want to DS in a straight line)
  • When halfway there (when you see your wayfarer from the side), reverse the movement direction from forward to backwards and the camera progressively from the side to the sky, at the same time more or less. Also stop jumping when you start to boost shortly, at the end of the dropshoot. It is possible to start reversing the camera before the direction, or to reverse the direction before pointing the camera to the sky, with enough momentum. Note the first one will make you stay very close to the ground during the transition, while the second one will make you boost higher. The second option is more likely to fail as it requires more momentum)
  • Hold "jump" when landing on the ground.

If the camera isn't strictly down when attempting to Dropshoot, the boost will probably not be powerful enough and won't help you reverse the camera fast to RDS. It seems even more important to manage a clean Dropshoot in order to RDS forward, or the transition won't work.

Second method: Dive into Reverse Dive Boost position, into RDS[]

A good place to practice this is from any section of bridge in Broken Bridge. Speedrunners tend to use this method here as well, when diving from the first section of bridge at the very beginning, with a leveled camera during the dive. If you dive in a level boost position, make sure to have the camera aim enough towards the ground to still hear the wind blow in your ears, or you won't build any momentum and won't manage the transition to dive towards the camera after !

  • The first part of this trick is identical to the one described here in the RDB page before boosting (read it first).
  • When you are in RDB position, all you have to do is press and hold jump when landing on the floor, to RDS. You will see the camera make a bounce when hitting the ground. Often the part in RDB position is very short, as the goal here is to RDS on the floor.

Hints for RDS from player aravshetikolava:[]

*From a diving position*

  • "when transitioning to rds, try turning camera first and only then lifting the wayfarer
  • that way you will have a more seamless transition and will not lose your boost
  • look at yourself from the side, and then transition from looking from below with minimum left stick motion
  • try to make the camera do most of the work"[1]
  • Twitch clip, showing the transition

Note that you can also RDS towards the opposite direction you are diving to. This a similar move to the first method described above (DS into RDS) and is actually easier though less practical to use in-game oftentimes. Dive, then reverse the camera and the movement direction at the same time to dive backwards, and RDS like before.

When in RDS position[]

  • Make sure the camera gets below your head/body, because if it stays far you will have a poor boost. To force the camera below, a few big chirps can help a lot, otherwise make sure to run directly towards the camera and not sideways.
  • When RDSing on irregular surfaces (like the tower level on the sanded floor), doing big chirps repetidly can help force the wayfarer to the ground and stay in position.
  • The hard part with RDS is to guess where you are going as you can bump in every obstacles or fall from hills, therefore risking loosing the boost entirely. A good way to prevent this is to RDS in small circles:
    • To RDS in small circles, you can start by doing big chirps repetidly to both slow you down and force the camera below the wayfarer's body (just after releasing the chirp button, hold it down again). While doing so, or just after, start turning the camera to either side and you will run in circles.
    • After the camera is below the wayfarer's body, and in case you want to reduce the circle size even more, you can adjust your direction slightly with the left stick on a controller.

Further tips[]

  • You can "save" a failed RDS when bunny hopping around because of an empty scarf. For this, stop pressing jump a short moment to allow your scarf to recharge a little (you will slide on the ground), then jump once and hold jump when making contact with the floor again. It is way harder to save a normal Dropshoot this way, though possible too. A nicely timed big chirp can help as well, by releasing it just before touching the ground again.
  • You can jump to trigger the boost if you don't rise up at the end, when moving forward again.
  • After the RDS charging, you can boost with a camera to the ground if you switch its position before boosting (it might require you jump to start the boost. Otherwise you can do the camera change during the boost in the air)
  • If you have some residual momentum from previous fancy flying tricks, you can simply jump towards the camera to start RDS!


Reverse Dropshoot (RDS) Tutorial Videos[]

RDS Snow level flying, with controller[]

Video by Tara's Sky Journey on PS3/PS4. Length: 12.5 minutes.

RDS to get up the Tower[]

Video by MrMicronaut on PS3. Length: 1.2 minutes.


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  1. 2020-02-21 aravshetikolava