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Ruby Tuesday
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Journey as a Red Robe event
Second Tuesday of each month
Red Robes Only

Ruby Tuesday Event
The objective of this event is to complete a full Journey as a solo red robe traveler or with another red cloaked companion.

What is it for?[]

Ruby Tuesday event was created with the intent to bring players back to their roots.
Brave the sands on your own and reconnect with the beautiful environment as you progress through the journey ahead or travel alongside a red companion and be each other's powerhouse while you make your way to the summit.

How to participate?[]

  • Journey any time on the set date for the event wearing a red robe.

Things to be aware of:[]

  • You are more likely to meet first time players.


  • Close contact helps ensure each companion doesn't run out of scarf charge.
  • On a solo journey, keep a look out for slides, flyers and carpets that can aid in your travels.


Recurring: 2nd Tuesday of every month

We recommend coordinating the event on the Journey Fan Discord or on the JourneyPS3 subreddit
for better chances on organizing a meet for the event.

If you plan to participate in the event with a friend, see Guide to arranging a meetup.

See you in the sands.

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