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A player with a fully charged scarf

In Journey, each player has a scarf that they can charge up with magic to fly.

Growing and Charging

The scarf grows by collecting the 21 glowing symbols throughout the game. To charge the scarf, stand near other pieces of cloth such as:

  • Companions
  • Cloth Creatures
    • Cloth fragments
    • Long flowing pieces of cloth ("cloth seaweed")
    • Cloth "jellyfish"
    • Cloth "dolphins"

You can also power up by wearing the White Robe, swimming in the magic water in The Temple area, or by riding the shark/whale in The Temple area. The Summit area also provides seemingly unlimited flight power.


The scarf will be cut in half if you are caught by one of the guardians in The Tunnels or The Mountain areas. In The Mountain area, your scarf will drain energy as you walk through the snowstorm. It will shorten and shorten as you reach the end of the area. Getting hit too often by Guardians can reduce the scarf's lenght to Zero. Collecting Glowing Symbols or completing the area will restore the scarf to one segment.

Second Playthroughs

You will have to recollect the glowing symbols on subsequent playthroughs, as they do not carry over. If you earn and wear the White Robe, while you still have to collect the symbols to extend your scarf, your starting scarf will be longer, its charge will deplete more slowly, and it will recharge itself upon landing.

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