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Join the Walkathon Challenge April 7th thru June 7th for a chance to win prizes!

Hosted by aravshetikolava in the Journey Discord


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Scarfless Saturday
Scarfless saturday.png
Journey With Short Scarves Only
First Saturday of Each Month
No Collecting of Symbols

Scarfless Saturday Event
The objective of this event is to complete a full Journey without collecting Symbols and keeping your Scarf as short as possible.

What is it for?[]

A fun challenge to attempt while playing solo or with a Companion.
When traveling with a Companion, the focus on team work is essential to explore and reach areas together. If choosing to play solo, exercise your patience and puzzle solving skills as you make your way across the sands.

How to participate?[]

  • Journey any time on the set date for the event.
  • Refrain from collecting symbols through the journey.
  • Scarf must be at minimum length for the entire travels.

Things to be aware of:[]

  • Players without scarf are unable to jump unless glowing from Chirp or Companion touch.
  • A Red Robe starts with a shorter Scarf than a White Robe.
  • In most levels, players will have a short Scarf.
  • Underground and Snow level War Machines can be used to rid all Scarf.
    • If the player has no Scarf at all when entering Tower level from Underground, a small Scarf will return.


  • A War Machine will attack both players if they are in the red light at the same time.
    • This can be useful to save time when ridding your Scarves.
  • To make it more challenging, we recommend using a Red Robe.


Recurring: First Saturday of every month.

We recommend coordinating the event on the Journey Fan Discord or on the JourneyPS3 subreddit
for better chances to meet Companions.

If you plan to participate in the event with a friend, see Guide to arranging a meetup.

See you there and leave your scarf behind!

Scarfless saturday overlook.png