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Shooting Star

Shooting stars (also known as Comets) are bright glowing objects that can be seen flying across the sky in certain levels of Journey. They are warm white, with a flare-like "head" emitting a dense trail of glowing symbols; a distinct whizzing sound can be heard when they traverse close enough (somewhat similar but much more intense than the sound of a recharging WR scarf). End credits, in-game cinematics and other elements strongly suggest that shooting stars represent past travellers.



  • Whilst we'd love to believe that comet events are linked to actual game completions on the same server, there is no evidence supporting this.
    • In Sunken City there is only one comet object (consisting of a sound emitter and two particle emitters). It is activated at random intervals from 0 to 120 seconds and follows the complete path, then disappears below the map.
    • The trigger for the comet's movement in Sunken City is marked as a non-network trigger. Whether that is the case on other levels is yet to be determined.
  • The star that flies through the Credits sequence lands at the point where you started your journey, completing the circle.
  • Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif If you see a shooting star, it's most likely that your Companion does not see one. They seem to appear only "for each individual", the one that crashes in Pink Desert is the exception of course.
  • Shooting stars in Sunken City have a complex curved path that follows the path of the wayfarers in reverse (up from the pit to the top of the last slide, across the gallery, then a sharp right turn for the second slide, and so on). This can be seen clearly from the "crows nest", a dark spot at the very top of the mountain in the north-west side of the level.


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