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Silent Sunday - Event
A Silent Journey
Last Sunday of Each Month
No use of Chirp

Silent Sunday is an event that debuted on the original TGC forums between 2013-2014 and was created by Zerathine. The purpose of this event is to treat your run as a meditation exercise and proceed through the game without chirping.

What is it for?[]

The intention is to resist to Chirp.

It exists for many kinds of situations, including but not limited to:

  • reflecting on the month that you are leaving / anticipating the upcoming month;
  • re-centering yourself if life seems hectic;
  • appreciating the little things in the game, the sounds that most people miss;
  • figuring out new ways to proceed, since you cannot use the flyers or charge your Companions Scarf via chirping, only by touching;
  • trying to find something new amidst the familiar;
  • or whatever else you need it to be.

Sounds to listen out for:[]

  • the flyers as they flit about;
  • the humming of the hanging lamps at the end of UG, either the one in-bound or those in OOB;
  • the whales in Paradise at the bottom of the pools after the music fades to silence;
  • your own steps on different surfaces, like metal (centre) vs stone (sides) on the bridge at the top of the Tower
  • whatever else you can discover.

If you chirp a couple times, that's okay. Simply redirect your attention back to the present. The goal is to not chirp, but, just as the mind wanders during meditation, sometimes chirps happen. Acknowledge it, accept it, then let it go. Have fun, everyone.


Recurring: The last Sunday of every month.

There will be two recommended starting times to increase the chance to meet another silent Companion. Reasons include:

  • Community events were started to enable community members to meet each other, but not knowing who it is until the end (unless the style of gameplay gives it away).
  • All people that know about this event will enter the Broken Bridge level at approximately the same time.
  • Travelling with a normal Companion and trying to resist to chirp highers the difficulty.
  • It might be more enjoyable to have a Companion with the same mission at your side.

Please keep in mind the listed times are subject to change until more permanent ones are decided, so please check back often. The list is provided in a few different time zones to help create anchor points for conversion.

  1. 4:00 AM EST* / 09:00 UTC / 18:00 Japan Standard Time
  2. 4:30 PM EST* / 21:30 UTC / (Monday, 06:30 JST)

*Note: Time changes if daylight savings is applied.

See you in the sands.

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