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7, Snow
Windy Valley
Heating room
War Machine Valley
Seaweed Valley
Windy Balcony
Final Climb
cold and dangerous, need.. to.. chirp..

Snow is the level where you freeze, while trying to not give up on your Journey.

Alternative Names: Mountain, Snowy Fields, Mountain Pass

By reading further you might get exposed to spoilers!


Windy Valley[]

Thawing Room, Exit of Tower

Heating room[]

Alternative Names: Lamp-Lit Rest Area, Heater

Here you can find a hidden Glyph/History Wall.

Patrol Fields / War Machine Valley[]

Many ways to try to not get attacked. There is a Glyph in the "secret" Icy Cave / Ice Cave or Shortcut Cave.

Hint for reducing the risk of getting attacked:

From the ice cave go further and then hug the cliff walls to the left until you reach the end of the patrol field. Stay close to walls and cliffs - the war machines can get close. You may still get attacked, but the risk is lessened. In general, many players use the "hugging the left or right walls of the patrol fields" strategy.

If you are offsync it might happen that you see your companion being attacked by an invisible War Machine (WM) or experiencing the WM attacking after you saw them already getting hit and laying in snow.--> Missing second WM at Patrol Fields (Snow).

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 5 minutes.

Seaweed Valley[]

Alternative Names: The place with the broken War Machines is also called

  • Playground,
  • Courtyard of Frosty Ribbons,
  • Dead Whale Courtyard or
  • Frozen Fronds of Scarfs.
Windy Balcony[]
Final Climb[]

Alternative Names: Death March
PC version: happens more often then on PlayStation: Journeyers robe glitches a bit or total and you are naked.

Hints and Tricks[]

Tricks could be also a in-level glitch. Either write it here down or create own article and link it here.



  • This level was called "Mountain" in the original concept of Journey
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif About who falls first at the end of the Death March
"Has anyone ever been the first to fall on the last level?"

"It's programmed so your companion will appear to fall before you" 26.04.2020 Zerathine

The proof for this is that you never see yourself fall first.

Spoilers end here.
Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif About how the level changes from playthrough to playthrough
"About halfway through the level, the wayfarer(s) will encounter a torn, frozen cloth bridge they will have to cross. This bridge has two possible positions: down below the structure, allowing the wayfarers to drop onto it, or up above the structure, requiring the wayfarers to warm it with chirps or jump onto it. "
Spoilers end here.


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