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Starfields could be rather easily shown by a Companion if the player follows and "looks".

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UG OOB Star fields 03.png
Out of Bounds levels
How to enter OOB, exploring or knowledge where the places are.
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Starfields are colorful specks floating in the air, which can be found in many out-of-bounds areas of the game.

What is it?[]

To add here: Pictures or videos that show an example of each instance of Starfields.Ravingmadness (talk) 16:02, 12 October 2020 (UTC)

  • size and intensity of Starfields varies from level to level. Starfields effect differs also in different areas in an OOB level
  • Sparkling Dots. Multi-colored, like confetti, most prominent in the Underground OOB area
  • Colorful Symbols. Those will float around you.
  • Sand clouds (at your feet). Limited to one hue. For example in Broken Bridge or Chapter Select)

Rainbow colored particles or Symbols floating around you, may float at feet level or cover the entire screen similar to sparkling dots and symbols floating in the goo in the Tower level.

Related Phenomenons[]

Disco Zones and other Disco Stuff - Gateway article to phenomenons in Journey, concerning "fast changing colors or flickering in different colors".

How and where to do it[]

Starfields can be found at areas on the East, West, South, sometimes North sides of almost every Out of Bounds Levels .

"To add here: info about

  • looks in each level
  • looks in different areas in one level
  • investigate and mark starfields on maps?! Ravingmadness (talk) 16:02, 12 October 2020 (UTC)

On this map you can see where the rainbow-colored dots in Underground OOB are (roughly), though further to the North you can also get the colorful Symbols floating around you.

UG OOB Map.png


Disco particles in BB OOB (could be seen as Starfields effect).


Starfield particles appear to use the same mechanics as sand and snow, so it is likely that those are the same engine assets and elements, except they look strange due to irregularities that the rendering engine faces when attempting to visualize elements outside the areas a player would normally visit or see. More specifically, the rainbow-colored particles appear similar to how non-RGB channels look when mapped to RGB (for example, world position XYZ coordinates or normal maps), a technique commonly used in 3D compositing.


I wouldnt call the place in southwest PD by the billboard a starfield, but the specs on the ground are different colors"
~ rebi, 2020-10-10

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