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Steam Infinite Flight Tricks
IF PC version.jpg
IF on Epic Games resets you to a first run. Thus tricks that require a White Robe are not possible.
Main articles: Expert Mode, Glitches

We recommend to read Infinite Flight (IF) on PC first, to learn how to get Infinite Flight on Steam.

This article presents Tricks and Glitches when having IF.


What is it?[]

On PC Steam game sees IF twin as a proper companion that you can connect to and disconnect from. This makes it possible to test out and/or enjoy scenarios that normally require a companion to set them up. Moreover, most of these scenarios are easier to do with IF twin than with a real companion since you’re the one who controls everything your twin does.

For now UG is the only place the tricks described below were tested. If you know any other place Nick can be used to have fun, let us know!

Further Information / General Tips[]

All the tricks described in this article are based on disconnecting from your companion and reconnecting with them again. Hence, there shouldn’t be anything that would prevent you from recreating the tricks with a real companion. However, you should know that:

  • It’s easier to connect to Nick than to a real companion;
  • It's possible to temporarily disconnect from Nick;
  • Thus it's much more easier to reconnect with Nick after disconnecting with him than to do so with a real companion.

If you set up everything for IF twin glitch to appear, you’re almost guaranteed to have it. At the same time you might never meet a companion even if you set everything for the meeting right. Thus, some tricks might be nearly impossible to repeat with a real companion, especially the ones that require multiple connections and disconnections.

Taming WM[]

Make a War Machine attack an empty spot once, twice or over and over again.

Single attack[]

Attack in the flyers room

After your companion dusts, you won’t be able to interact with them in any way. However, WMs will still see your companion where they stood last. This can be used to make WM attack an empty spot.

Attack in the third room

To do it with Nick, you need to:

  • Set Nick at a place WM will pass by;
  • Disconnect from him;
  • Wait till Nick dusts;
  • Activate WM patrol;
  • Wait till WM reaches the needed point.

It can be done anywhere you can make WM attack your still avatar including attacks at the shrine or OOB. Places where you need to jump or fly to draw WM attention doesn't count.

This trick is easy to do both with Nick and with a real companion. However, it might be rude to do so with a real companion without their consent, especially since you might not be able to reconnect later.

Double Attack[]

If you set up a single attack at a place WMs pass by several times (after different triggers are activated), the attack will happen each time WM comes at that place.

In UG there are four patrol instances that can be used to set up single attack:

  • After you enter flyers room first WM attacks flyers;
  • After you enter second room first WM comes to the flyers room again;
  • After you pass first half of the second room, second WM gets activated and starts patrolling the second half of that room;
  • After you enter third room, both WMs start patrolling it.

If you disconnect from Nick somewhere two different patrols pass by, and after that activate these patrols in the right order, each patrol will attack the designated empty spot.

Second WM before and after disconnection

Usually, you will have to go OOB first to avoid activating triggers too early. However, there is one place you don’t need to go OOB if you’re using IF twin glitch. When you pass by the second WM with Nick, it freezes soon after activating and the only way to unfreeze it is to disconnect with Nick. Hence, you can:

Second attack

  • Activate second WM (don't wait till it freezes);
  • Choose a spot for WM to attack that both second WM and the patrol in the third room pass by;
  • Disconnect from Nick at that spot and wait till he sits;
  • See second WM unfreezing and attacking empty spot;
  • Activate patrol in the third room;
  • See another WM attacking the same spot.

Loop attack inbounds[]

will be updated soon

Loop attack OOB[]

will be updated soon

This video shows how to trick WM into attacking empty spaces and some ways to apply it to other glitches.

Video by Kandiana on Steam. Length: 15:15 minutes.

Starfields Attack[]

This video shows how to set up attack at starfields using Nick.

Video by kandiana on Steam. Length: 05:02 minutes.

Images and Videos[]

This is to give an overview, present additional images, big galleries (can be linked within the article).

Videos that are about just this one Glitch, should be at the concerning headline. If its a compilation or showing "just some fun moments", this section should be used.


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