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There are different locations in the game where players can surf the sands, slide down slopes and free-fall down drops. These can be done alone or with a Companion. This article explains how to do them, known locations and routes, environmental aspects and community-presented challenges.

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Surfing, Slide and Drops
Easy - Medium
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What is it?[]


Surfing involves locations where there is a continuous wind that allows the wayfarer to drift on the sands using the winds momentum. Similar to sand surfing in Sunken City, however a key difference is the player must continuously hold forward during the surf. These locations can be found inbound and out of bounds in some levels. Although a very easy and simple concept, the locations themselves may require some skill levels to reach.

Sand Surfing

Slides and Sliding[]

Slides are usually environmental slopes wayfarers can slide down either standing , sitting or face-planted. Some sliding can be done on a flat surface in Tower when using the Goo. Every level has slides or some form of sliding and the locations can be found in both inbound and out of bounds. Although a very easy and simple concept, the locations themselves may require some skill levels to reach. Attempting some sitting slides alone will require a basic understanding of Zen Jump skill and/or environmental triggers.



Zen Drops[]

Zen Dropping is free falling while either sitting or in the face-plant position. Generally, anywhere there is a ledge to stand still on a wayfarer can Zen Drop, however some drops are preformed by utilizing the environment, I.E using sliding to gain speed before a drop or using changes to the environment to trigger the drop itself. Attempting most Zen Drops alone will require a basic understanding of Zen Jump skill. White Robe is recommended to reach most areas where the larger drops are located.

Zen Drop

Surfing locations and techniques[]


Broken Bridge level has many locations around the map that can be surfed. Some paths are simple and relaxing while others can be more challenging and stimulating. Try to follow the direction of the winds when Surfing this area. Some paths are separated by wind walls which cause the Wayfarer to tumble to the ground and stop the Surf, however timing a jump properly at the wind walls can cause the Wayfarer to tumble in mid-air instead and land on its feet to connect to and continue on another Surf path.

The Surfer Bowl[]

The Surfer Bowl is located directly South of the main level entrance within OOB. It is possible to Surf the Bowl from West to East on the ridge of the Bowl, however you must ensure the wind trigger has been activated which is located towards the West of the Bowl. The Bowl requires some good maneuvering and can be a challenge to complete.

Surfer Bowl - BB OOB Surfing

Surfer Bowl cont. - BB OOB Surfing

Shadow Lands[]

Shadow Lands is located between the South through South East region of OOB. A good starting point is at the ending East point of the Surfer Bowl. Just East of the Bowl is a wind wall which causes the Wayfarer to tumble, once that is crossed it is the starting area of Shadow Lands.

Shadow Lands - BB OOB Surfing

The Expanse[]

The Expanse is at the East region of OOB where the level textures end. It is a Surf area into the vast nothingness of OOB. Surfing towards the N.E.direction from this point can lead in to an area of sky painting and disco dust.

The Expanse - BB OOB Surfing

Loop Circuit[]

The Loop Circuit is located inbounds and has different variations of how it can be Surfed. It is not difficult to complete a loop, however turning the Wayfarer too quickly can stunt the Surf.

Video by 21 specters on PS4. Length: 1:00 minutes.
Light Bender[]

Light Bending is located at the North West region of OOB traveling West to East. Surfing its Southern ridge will produce lighter autumn colors while Surfing towards the North, just below the Dunes, will cause darkness and black tones.

Light Bender - BB OOB Surfing

Through the Dunes[]

The Dunes are located at the North region of OOB. They can be Surfed from West to East through the valley where the shadows fall. Caution when surfing this area as there are end level triggers towards the South side of these Dunes which will cause the Wayfarer to enter the next level (Pink Desert).

The Dunes - BB OOB Surfing


Sunken City is one long Surf route from start to finish, with even more behind the scenes (OOB). These routes can be traveled alone or with a companion. It is recommended to first practice these routes alone as they can be challenging and lead to traps or back to inbound area if not followed properly.

The "High route"[]

The High route is a slightly dangerous path. "More dangerous, more fun". Start from the fake walls at the start of the level. There is a huge wedge-shaped rock going deep into the ground (the one you walk into to get to the start of the "low route" mentioned below; it forms the right side of the first slide if looking from inside the level). Wind area expands over it and it is possible to surf parallel to the first and second slide on top of the plateau rather than at its base. Just remember where to turn right or you'll get trapped by the wind walls surrounding the Rest Area. Straight into that fake tower near the rest area is the latest you can turn safely, see video below).

This track ends with a narrow pass that opens into the Sunset Plateau; from there it's possible to base jump and continue surfing when you land further north, or traverse on the outside of the Sunset Hall. Both options break the flow somewhat.

The challenge is to stay inside the wind zone without falling in-bounds, but not getting too far away where the wayfarer stops surfing. A lot of fake geometry (buildings and rocks) get in the way but they are non-solid so you can surf right through.

High Route Entrance - SC OOB Surfing

Video by qtzl3000 on ps4. Length: 2 minutes.
The "Low route"[]

The Low route is an easy and linear path for Surfing but also involves more connecting points. It is a safer route for traveling with another companion and offers beautiful views of OOB. The starting point of this route is located towards the S.E. of the map. Please note that the first connection point requires a connection from the left side, connection from the right will cause the wind to flow in the wrong direction.

Low Route Entrance - SC OOB Surfing

Video by 21 specters on PS4. Length: 1:30 minutes.
Hidden Village[]

To surf the hidden village requires activating the wind triggers near this area. There are many different ways to surf this area which can be simple and easy or challenging and complicated. The video below provides a path that can be surfed in this area as well as tips, however it is not recommended to use this path with an unfamiliar companion as there are many risks of unintentional re-entry to inbound area and traps.

Video by 21 Specters on PS4. Length: 3:06 minutes.

HV-trap.jpgHV-inbound entrance.jpg

Slide locations[]


Zen Drop locations[]



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