Hidden glyph

The player receiving the first Glowing symbol

The Beginning is the name of the first level featured in Journey. It is mainly used to show the player how to play the game, and to introduce certain elements of gameplay, such as the Scarf and Glowing Symbols.


The game begins with a cutscene showing a seemingly empty desert, with a large mountain in the distance. The traveler is then shown meditating in the sand. At this point, the player can move the left joystick to walk around. After heading towards a platform, the player collects a glowing symbol and creates their scarf.

The player is not given a set goal or objective at this point, so one could walk around and check out the landscape. However, once the player arrives at a large sunken city, one can make their way to a large bridge where a white stone waits for the traveler. A cutscene is shown involving what appears to be the creation of the civilization that once lived in the desert. After the cutscene, a door opens up behind the stone and the player can walk through to the next area.


  • 1 Ancient Glyph (found above the hub area to the right)
  • 3 Glowing Symbols


  • This level serves as the basic tutorial, although the only directions given are in the form of a display of the PS3 controller. Only three buttons are used throughout the game.
  • The Glowing Symbol that is on top of a pillar in the city (near the white stone) does not have to be picked up during The Beginning level: it can also be obtained from the Chapter Selection menu.
  • When the player beats the game, the chapter selection option becomes available-which is the deserted city with the white stone. The levels can be acessed from the various buildings, which also show the collected Ancient Glyphs that the player has found.
  • There are no Companions that appear in this level-possibly because this is the 'tutorial' and gives the player a chance to learn how to play on their own before going on to play with others.