The dunes

The Desert is the name of the third level featured in the game Journey. It consists of a vast area of rolling dunes followed by an ascent up a large tower.


This section begins with the Traveler exiting a building ruin before ascending a small dune with view of the pink sands and the Mountain. The player then regains control and is allowed to roam around. The player first partially sees one of the ruined Guardians, if the player frees the Cloth Creature within, it will guide them to the next ruined Guardian.

Later, the Traveler approaches a large ruined building, accompanied with several bridges streaming from the dunes halfway to the building itself. The building is surrounded by a sandstorm of some type, blocking view of the traversed areas or onward. The player cannot enter the building, but rather ascends with the assistance of the Cloth Creatures. A bridge leads to another ruined building, although this building contains a working factory. Guardians are seemingly being manufactured in a monotonous style, yet they are not functioning. The very top of the second building bears the white statue, once the player meditates aside the stone, a cut scene appears in which the white creatures are shown again harnessing the energy of the Cloth once again, except now they begin to construct and power towers that overrun the trees and other flora, reaching to the blustery heights of the sky. After the cut scene, the lid to a cage full of Cloth Creatures opens, allowing many to escape, they are seemingly traveling over the ruins towards the Mountain. One creature stays behind to allow the player to travel with the Creatures and proceed to the next level.