The Mountain can be seen looming in the background for most of the journey.

The Mountain is the Traveler's unspoken, ultimate goal. It is extremely massive, large enough to take up a great portion of the sky from miles away, and has a distinct "cut" on the top where light shines through. The Mountain can be seen in every level, with the exceptions of the Underground Passage (underground) and the Temple (in a building). For unknown reasons, the Traveler seeks to reach the top of the Mountain to such an extent that (s)he would brave extreme climates and hostile creatures to get there.

Little is known of the Mountain's history or its relation to the beings in the Traveler's visions. The temperature on its slopes is below freezing and the weather is stormy for most of the ascent until the Traveler passes over the stormclouds and finds an oasis-like environment leading to the top. Although only a few frozen cloth creatures live on the slopes, the Mountain houses many cloth creatures- an entire cloth ecosystem- near its summit.