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Needs to point out the places better (also Backplant.

Probably better to split backplant from faceplant. Add images and description there and link to the place from tumbler article.

To add on this article: Good description about where aproximately the places are and marked maps. Either one map with "big dots to show places" or just the surrounding to recognise where it is and make several (use the existing maps?)| ravingmadness Wiki Guardian | talk  •  contribs

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The Tumbler is a community term for a trick that can be done in the OOB of the Broken Bridge level.

Makes ones Wayfarer "tumble" / rotate constantly.

The Tumbler
Assflip and tumble.gif
Broken Bridge (OOB)
to know how to get BB OOB and where the tumbling places are
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What is it?[]

This seems to be limited to the BB OOB.

How and where to do it[]

Enter the Broken Bridge OOB.

There are several places, where the wind makes you fall on your back, backplant. The places are rather small spots.

Sometimes it happens, that you never come to rest and keep on rotating, that is The Tumbler.

Once you found a backplant-place: walk several times into it. Sometimes you need to walk a bit up and down to backplant again.

It happens consistently as long as you walk VERY slow and carefully - little by little - to the correct spot in my experience (once you find where the wind blows). See this video.

The backplant is much easier to trigger.

Tumbler places[]

Around the "inner circle" of the OOB. Rather close to the level, though the distance to the level is not always the same.

Once you found some of the places, it will be easier to find them again. A Companion might show them to you.

  • On the East side of the level, where the boundary rocks are. If you go close to them, from the OOB side, you might find a tumbler place. Its rather in the "North-South"-middle of the line of rocks.
  • Go to the Black Cube, and a bit further to the West. Walk further west, but also rather to the rock-side. Walk in circles to find the place.
  • Near the Black Cube, further to the HL Banner around some hills are also backplant-places.
  • On the North-East side. There are some of those flat rocks, walk along them. (Coming from Headbonkers Cave, walking East. Its around the height of the last big Sandfall before the level boundary.)
  • On the South-West (and also East?) side. Walk with slight distance to the level from one side to the other, you should run into one of them.

Videos and images[]

How to stumble forever[]

Video by ThatRandomWayfarer on PS4. Length: 04:18 minutes.

Further videos that show The Tumbler[]

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 00:20 minutes.

Video by bongsadist on {{{Console}}}. Length: 00:38 minutes.


There are videos and reports (not many) were players got attacked by a War Machine and got into a Tumbler animation too, instead of coming to rest in a Faceplant position.


While walking through this OOB, my Companion and me often get thrown down. Sometimes we want to go on, but keep on falling, laughing fit :D its just not stopping!

But to get The Tumbler is a real luck for me..

~ Ravingmadness

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