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Tombstones (also called gravestones) are distinctly shaped stone posts scattered around the world of Journey. Their appearance as well as in-game hints suggest that they are, indeed, gravestones.

General information[]

Memorial stones appear throughout the game and are an integral part of the gameplay, the story, and the Rythulian civilization's culture. They can be recognised by their appearance (tall, oblong stone bars with narrow sides and flat front faces, a hexagonal hole at the top of the front face, and cut edges). They're usually found sticking from the ground. Some of them have engraved symbols or other ornaments.

Stone designs[]

There are at least four distinct designs, but it's not entirely clear whether all of them are gravestones; some may be used as memorial marks of different purpose.

Regular tombstones[]

These are the first ones seen in the game. They are plain gray bars with one or more symbols on the front face (sometimes worn off and barely visible). They would appear to be used for "regular" Rythulians such as the Wayfarers.

Decorated tombstones[]

Found around Shrines, these stones have a distinct ornament similar to the front side of an embroidered robe. Their bottom half (below the ornament) is white, and their base extends slightly with one or two steps. Decorated stones have no visible symbols on them until activated, upon which a symbol will appear on the top side, glowing brightly. They are called "Ancestor gravestones" in game files.

Temple stones[]

These are found above the Shrines in the Tower and in the Chapter Select temples. They are similar to regular tombstones but have five symbols carved on them, which are sharp and clearly visible (unlike some of the tombstones). Their placement suggests that rather than being actual headstones, they have a slightly different memorial (or possibly religious) function.

Heavy stones[]

These can only be seen in the Snow level. They are wider, thicker, heavier stones with distinct carved lines giving them snake-like appearance suggesting that they might be War Machine tombstones. They are called "Whistling stones" in game files.

Glowing tombstones[]

Symbols on tombstones glow in certain conditions:

  • On a regular tombstone, the top symbol faintly glows if the camera is close enough.
  • Ancient tombstones glow brightly when activated; on most levels those near murals remain lit whilst those near HL spots "turn off" and can be activated again (not in SC).
  • Tombstones in the Lantern room (Snow level), which appear to be a variation of the Ancient tombstone, can be activated but will glow faintly unlike other Ancient stones, suggesting that even their power is reduced by the cold.
  • Unlike tombstones, memorial stones above murals and at the back of the mini-temples do not glow.



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