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This is a work-in-progress list of simple "tricks" or little things you can do in Journey, that most often don't require too much training.

If you like, create a dedicated article for a certain trick and put it in the "Category:Tricks". Please be so nice and add the trick (and the link) to this list, too!

General tricks[]


See this clip: [MaldoDancing]

Into each other[]

When getting stuck in OOB you can be pressed into each other:

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 0.3 minutes.

Flips (Various)[]

Main article: Backflipping (and variants)

Sand tricks[]

You can pile it up, make your feet look black at the start of a certain vision, make yourself look like hovering in the air for the Companion etc.

More information to be added. See the video below:

Video by Domes2072 on PS3. Length: 4:50 minutes.

Standing Flap[]

Flapping while staying on the ground.

Video "move your arms":

Video by oOSunkenCityOo on PS3. Length: 02:00 minutes.

Tricks in Chapter Select[]

Turn your head (creepy o0):.[]

Read the video description too.

Video by oOSunkenCityOo on PS3. Length: 04:15 minutes.

Tricks in the Tower[]

Tricks in this section only work in the Tower level.

Faceplant and falling down tower[]

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 0.5 minutes.

Stuck / hiding up at corridor to Whale Room[]

Below information concerns PS4. No info about other platforms.

Avas clip

Robins clip

Last Sunday (12.11.2017) I traveled with a red cloak (2 tier).

By coincidence, we took a break in the whale room. I became bored and I decided to push my companion closer to the exit.

But somehow he was stuck in the right corner of the arch, as if he had collided with an invisible wall, in despair I fp on him and pressed the touchpad.

After I returned the screen, my companion was not there anymore, but I heard a loud sound resembling the sound of a train. His location was higher than mine and he rocked like a cocktail shaker in the ceiling. — Robin on discord

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