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This article or section may contain spoilers.

In many video games, trophies (or achievements) are made to encourage players to try different things. Journey is an outstanding game, but trophies still will help you to learn more about it and find/search for the Easter eggs, etc.

You will get most of the Journey trophies by just playing and following an experienced Journeyer. It’s a joy for them to share and show you the Symbols and Glyphs, the Mysterious Creature in the tower, or just meditate with you.

It's better together: Normally players are very keen on showing the Trophies, most get all the Symbols on every Journey and some even visit the Glyphs "just because". If you recognise that your Companion tries to help you and you are able to follow them well, most Trophies just come through journeying.

Playstation and Steam versions have achievements, but Epic an iOS versions do not have a Trophy feature. Some Achievements are still fun to work on or show others, even though you don't get any in-game recognition for it.

Trophy List[]



Level: Broken Bridge
Value: Bronze
Description: Cross the Broken Bridge without completely rebuilding it.

Encourages players to fly smartly.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints on how to get the Trophy
The Trophy makes you try out how to fly efficiently (not keeping your finger on the fly button, but doing only one flap fly and then do another). It can also easily be obtained by using a Charge Boost (CB). Alternatively, activate the two banners to the left and the first at the start of the bridge. When having collected all symbols before and using the fly button wisely (once every second or so, instead of constantly) you will be able to cross. This is of course easier with a White Robe or a Companion (because you can give each other more fly energy through chirping at each other while flying).
Spoilers end here.

This Trophy is rewarded when you reach the platform with the Shrine.



Level: Pink Desert
Value: Bronze
Description: Find the hidden desert flower.

This is for finding an Easter Egg referencing another ThatGameCompany Game: Flower.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints on how to get the Trophy
If you fly around with the carpets they may eventually will lead you to the flower . Its located on the middle-far east side of the desert in a pit. The first carpet brings you to a crashed machine, after activating the banner a carpet will take you on a little ride. After this, walk straight to the right side, slightly south. See also Pink Desert (PD), there is a map.
Spoilers end here.

When you touch the flower it makes a sound, like it would in the game Flower.

This Trophy is rewarded after you chirp at the flower.



Level: Pink Desert
Value: Bronze
Description: Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.

This means you have to find and help all Carpets out of their cage by activating their big Banner. The other Carpets will lead you to the next Carpets. If they fly away, just follow them or wait for a short time because they sometimes come back to charge your Scarf, calling them/singing may help too.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints on how to get the Trophy
At the end of Pink Desert when you climb the tower, there are also trapped carpets behind half broken iron bars. Just chirp at them and they will gain strength to push through. See also Pink Desert (PD) for a map.
Spoilers end here.

This Trophy is rewarded when you exit the level.



Level: Sunken City
Value: Bronze
Description: Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the Sunken City.


  • Not all gates count, only those that look like those in the Trophy icon/picture.[1]
  • Gates are all over the level, not just the first part!
  • If you "brake" - hold move-button backwards / the left stick down - you slow down, this helps with aiming at the gates. Although other people say it helped with aiming when being faster...
  • If you are trying hard to get the Trophy: you can enter the menu and choose "Chapter Select". In that level: choose the building that leads to the Sunken City level to try over and over again.

This Trophy is rewarded soon after you cumulatively pass through the 15th gate.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gif It seems, that some players on Steam have a problem achieving it. Possible solutions are given here: PC Version FAQ.



Level: Underground
Value: Bronze
Description: Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your Scarf.

This Trophy will help you to learn which machines come to life and where they fly, as well as how to hide from them or avoid being seen.

Hints: A really easy way to get this one is to stay to the left through the Unfriendly Tunnels. Some people also fly through the windows, mostly those on the left side, instead of taking the straight path.

This Trophy is rewarded as you leave the level.



Level: Tower
Value: Bronze
Description: Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.

This is another easter egg, referencing ThatGameCompany's Game Flow. This creature only appears when the goo reached the highest level.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints on how to get the Trophy
After history lesson, it can be found either in the whale room behind the curtains or in the lowermost level of the tower that you can walk into. Once you found it at one place you cannot see it at the other, without restarting the level or game.
Spoilers end here.

This Trophy is rewarded after interacting with the flow creature.



Value: Bronze
Description: Uncover all 10 Ancient Glyphs. We intend to add the locations of the glyphs to each level article, in spoiler tags.

This is to help you with putting the pieces of the storyline together. As mentioned above, Companions will often hint to them, and if you explore just a bit over the course of a few Journeys, you will easily find them.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints on how to get the Trophy
In Chapter Select (CS) rooms you can see on the walls, if there is a glyph that you didn’t found yet. The picture will look like not activated, while on the other you can see the picture. So you know at which level you should continue your search..
Spoilers end here.

For more information, see Ancient Glyphs.

This Trophy is rewarded after activating the last glyph.



Value: Bronze
Description: Reach the summit with a Companion and return to the beginning.

Walk into the light with a Companion and wait until the end of the credits.

This Trophy is rewarded on the Companions Met Along the Way screen.



Value: Bronze
Description: Finish the game and return to the beginning.

Play through the game and wait until the end of the credits.

This Trophy is rewarded on the Companions Met Along the Way screen.



Value: Silver
Description: Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the Journey and return to the beginning.

This Trophy is to encourage you to stick with another player for as long as you can.
This might help in general: Problem: Losing Companions. It's like a life lesson: sometimes it's hard to keep a friendship alive, but if you put some effort into it, it's not that hard and the reward is a wonderful time with your friend/companion.

Most of the Journey: If you just go straight to the Mountain level from the Hub area and meet your companion in this level, then technically you will spend the most time with this companion. But note, if your companion met some other player and finished 2+ levels with him, then you will not be the one he spent the most time with. In this case, none of you will get this Trophy. On the other hand, if you start together earlier (Tunnels or Temple), then it will be almost guaranteed that you get this Trophy if you finish together.[2]

Arrange a Journey with a specific person: Advert on one of those or get in contact with former Companions, Guide to arranging a meetup.

This Trophy is rewarded on the Companions Met Along the Way screen.



Value: Bronze
Description: Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds.

There are two ways to sit, quickly or by activating the Screensaver (and deactivating it, to see yourself sitting. See Controls.

This Trophy is rewarded once you've been sitting together for 20 seconds.

PC-SMALL-75x43.gifIt may take different amounts of seconds to get the achievement depending on FPS, higher is shorter. See here.



Value: Silver
Description: Meet 10 or more unique travelers.

Just play the game several times. On our discord server we got a channel for ingame-meeting to have arranged Journeys, this might help you too.
Most players consider having a Companion a gift, and in general, it would be rude to disconnect from someone just to try to meet someone else, just for the Trophy. Also, many players will wait around to see if someone who's AFK will start moving again, so just sitting around and waiting for a few hours isn't likely to help.

  • Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif
  • Travel as Red Cloak, because White Cloaks and first-time players cannot meet each-other, and most of the players playing the game are on their first playthrough.
  • Idling / AFK: Winter 2021 the topic of "you do not connect to a Companion, while being afk/Screensaver mode" was brought up. It was tested and it seems, that under circumstances you do not connect. Information about Screensaver should be gathered here: Screensaver Tricks.

This Trophy is rewarded as soon as you connect to your cumulative 10th companion, so it can also be a prompt to try and find the other player when it pops up.



Value: Bronze
Description: Start the Journey again after a weeklong break.

Many players consider this Trophy painful. It can help to think of it not as 'punishment' for leaving the game, but as either a reward for coming back even after something takes you away, or an encouragement to expand your horizons and let Journey be only one of the things that brings you joy in your life.

This Trophy is rewarded as soon as you reopen the game after a week has passed in the system clock.

A good opportunity for this, would be the Event Journey Anew.



Value: Gold
Description: Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more Journeys.

This is not just so you know where the symbols are.

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif The treat that you get, when accomplishing this trophy:
Once you got this trophy you can “upgrade” your red robe to white. The scarf at the white robe recharges when you hit the ground. For more details, see Wardrobe.
Spoilers end here.

This Trophy is rewarded after you collect the last cumulative symbol.

Links to external guides, with more info[]

As there are already many existing help pages on how to get the "official trophies", here are some links, those provide also links to YT tutorial on how to do the trophies.

Trophies aren't this hard to collect in Journey after playing a little while. Especially if you meet companions that helps you on this path, or arrange a Journey with them. However, if you feel like you need some help anyway, you can read these guides.

The unofficial trophies, are things you achieve for yourself. Like learning to master certain flying, faceplanting or chargeboosting at difficult places! Journey is full of special places, minigames, tricks and challenges. See also --> Challenges


Steam version, Meditation Trophy quicker than 20 seconds[3][]

Investigations show, that players on the PC version get the achievement earlier then 20 seconds. In the tests 11 to 15 seconds were observed.

Additionally, several players said that their Companion sat down for the achievement and stood up, before 20 seconds past. They still chirped happily, as if they got it. This confirms the tests.

What is the reason? Only for PC versions?

Possible causes may be:

  • FPS related, since the seconds until the achievement pops up seem to vary. Think of it as: Journey runs quicker on the PC version and it was not taken in consideration when the game was ported. "But it won't be 5 seconds, it's too long for a small FPS difference. Even if one player has 20 FPS and the other 200.[4]
  • "If difference there is between platforms, it's more about the time the API result comes to you depending on their architecture. The difference won't be in the way the game calculates. The difference will be in the time the API takes it into account and display the unlock (Steam / console / etc.). When you unlock an achievement, you ask Steam server to validate it. The time it does that is the time that will change between your platform."[4]
  • "At the end, you don't know if there is a delay between the pop-up and the actual unlock. Maybe the pop-up is delayed by 1 or 2 seconds."[4]
  • Conclusion: the reason stays a mystery :)

Tests on PlayStation versions are yet to be done. Trophies can not be deleted (?), thus it makes it hard to find players that can do that test and then it will be only one chance to count the seconds. PS3 most likely works as inteded, while PS4 may be slightly quicker.


See also[]


  1. This is confirmed not only by many players, but also by this video: It directly shows, which gates the game counts and which not. Note: The player has an Invisible scarf.
  2. This information was shared by Scuba (thank you!) and tested November 2021 on PS3. It should work the same way on Steam. Information was taken from here:
  3. Tests for the Wiki were done by Ignis, Ravingmadness and Juest in May 2022. They deleted the achievement several times and sat down together, used a timer.
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