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This is a work-in-progress article for gathering information about glitches in the Underground level.

A note about this list[]

Some glitches might already have their own article, for others it's impractical to have a dedicated article (e.g. not enough info, or not consistent); some may be simply missing because the list hasn't been updated. We're working on it!

Since a new glitch article might be created, but not promptly added to this article, it's better to check out the relevant categories:

Further related Glitch articles and information: see section "see also" below.

Glitches with War Machines[]

The most impressive part of the Underground level are probably the War Machines (or WMs for short). There are many tricks that can be done with them, but most of the tricks require knowledge of the Out of Bounds area of the level, including the landscape, triggers, and pre-programmed creature paths. Advanced flying techniques (Fancy Flying) are often needed or advantageous.

Because there are so many War Machine-related glitches, they were given a dedicated article: War Machine (Glitched).

This article collects glitches in the Underground level other than War Machine tricks.

If you've encountered something interesting but not sure yet about the details on how to consistently reproduce a certain glitch, please use the Talk:Underground (Glitches) page! You can add a title for "your" glitch on this page and a link to the talk page; put all your info there. Once the glitch is somewhat understood (and perhaps validated on different platforms), an article or a section will be added where most relevant.

Glitches with Carpets[]

Similar to War Machines, the actions of the Carpet that accompanies you from the start of the level can be manipulated using triggers. The following glitches can be easily reproduced:

  • Invisible Carpet after Ambush (article coming soon)
  • Sad Carpet / Vertical Carpet (article coming soon)
  • Lazy Carpet (discussed on Discord 2021-03-06, this is related to Sad Carpet but in different location).

Some additional notes collected here until the articles are ready.

There are four main areas that control the actions of the guiding carpet (refer to the map for their exact locations):

  • Near the first ruin at the start of the level
  • After the first ruin, near a standalone rock halfway to the broken pipe on the floor where the carpet starts
  • Little platform between Kelp and Jellyfish rooms. This trigger makes the carpet "lazy".
  • Little platform after Jellyfish room

Each of these triggers Carpet movement to the next position. There is also another trigger in the Ambush room that positions the carpet to be caught by the Ambush WM (the actual ambush trigger).

Invisible Carpet after Ambush[]

This glitch results in an invisible carpet floating around in the ambush area after the Ambush WM attacks and leaves the area. The carpet is invisible but produces chirps/bubbles and even leaves traces on the sand as it wanders around.

To achieve this behavior, get OOB from the start, bypass all carpet triggers and drop into the Ambush Room from the north, activating the ambush. The carpet will come in a huge hurry and then get eaten. Proceed back to the north end of the Jellyfish room (thus activating the last carpet move trigger). If done correctly, an invisible carpet will appear in the Ambush room chirping and drawing lines in the sand.

The video below shows the Invisible Carpet glitch.

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 1:42 minutes.

You can then proceed back towards the start of the level, activating the trigger at the start of the Jellyfish room will result in Invisible Carpet moving to the end of that room (same behavior, you can see chirps and calls but no carpet visible).

Continuing with the same logic, it should be possible to bring the invisible carpet all the way to the start of the level (though this hasn't been tested yet).

Sad Carpet / Lazy Carpet[]

Go OOB from the start and skip the first two triggers. Activate the trigger between Kelp Room and Jellyfish room and fly all the way back to the start of the level where the carpet first appears. The carpet will slowly, slowly make its way back to the starting area moving in a straight line until it's right above the "correct" position; it will then slowly move vertically from up above back to the surface level.

Vertical Carpet[]

The last part of the Sad Carpet / Lazy Carpet glitch, when the carpet is already high above the starting position and is slowly moving vertically towards the ground. It is worth a separate mention since the behavior is quite unique and rarely seen.

Glitches with the enviroment[]

Glitches in this section are arranged based on their location, from South (start of the level) to North (end of the level).

Getting into the long pipe (last room)[]

A WR inside the Pipe

At the end of the level, short before the the last symbol: There is a long tube/pipe before the symbol place, its start is half-buried and it leads from left side to the "canyon" where the 2 WMs keep patrolling. Sand is running out of it and you cannot enter the front.

Video by bongsadist on Steam. Length: 8:40 minutes.

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif Hints on how to do it. See also video above. It seems harder to do on the PC versions, maybe FPS related (lower FPS = better).

  • Warning: This is very tricky and sometimes its just not working. Some Wayfarers and Companions find some joy in trying for some time though.
  • Walk to the half-buried start of the pipe/tunnel.
  • You need to push "gently" at the half-buried start of the tube. Looking at the "entrance" the tiny hole to enter is rather on the right side, which is less buried.
  • It might help if you walk until a wall stops you, then sit to float in a bit further, and stand up again.

WM Slide with Single WM[]

See War machine slide with only one WM

Wind in front of the tower[]

Spoiler-SMALL-75x43.gif Getting wind at the place in front of the Tower in the end.
* It might not always work and especially on the PC version it can cause a disconnect.
  • When going down the slide, try to get soaked up and stay on the left side.
  • Before the walls end, try to stay up there as long as possible. Press yourself against the wall, a pillar might stop you.
  • Don't go into the tower. If you stand at the place with the tombstones, the wind will move your robe and you see the sand move.
  • Works on PS3, PS4 and PC (not tested on IOS but should work too).
Spoilers end here.

Stuck Camera (slide section)[]

See Stuck camera UG Tower

Super Glow / Dancing Lights in the Ambush Room[]


This happens in the Ambush room. The furnaces / steam vents produce a very bright glow effect similar to the top Jellyfish in the previous room but affecting the entire screen. When the furnaces are not firing, the lights inside them also produce an over-saturated glow resulting in mesmerizing "dancing lights".

The video below shows the glitch from various points around the room. Note that steam blasts stop if you're getting too close to the furnaces.

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 3:41 minutes.

The following steps reliably activate this glitch on PS4:

  • Go to Snow level (I used Chapter Select teleport, TODO: check if it works with normal playthrough)
  • Return to Chapter Select
  • Go to Underground using CS teleport
  • Walk to the Ambush room and enjoy (TODO: check if it works if going through OOB)


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