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Underground (OOB)
Underground oob mainimage abhi.png
It's easy to get lost and not be able to find your way back.
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This article explores out-of-bounds (OOB) areas of the Underground level. For general information about this level, please refer to the Underground (UG) article.


Contents of this article[]

IOS-SMALL-75x43.gif iOS players, regardless of whether they are using a controller, can enter OOB at least via the Jellyfish room.

The most impressive part of the Underground level are probably the War Machines (WMs). There are many tricks that can be done with those, but most of them will need knowledge of the Underground OOB, including landscape and triggers; often Fancy Flying will be needed or advantageous.

We decided to give the War Machines and glitches around them their own article.

This article will be about the whole OOB area,

  • trigger places,
  • common places,
  • sights and
  • hints for orientation.

Everything especially about WMs should go into the --> War Machine (Glitched) article or Category:War Machine Glitches. If you've got questions about this topic, consider talking to the community on our discord (see front page). For gathering information use the Talk:Underground (OOB) page!

Landscape of the UG OOB[]

This OOB area is known to be confusing; it's very easy to lose orientation while exploring. Typical for this OOB are:

  • Huge plains with fog, where you easily lose sight of your companion when having some distance between you. Once you are at one of the plains, it's just a huge field with no left and right. Tips on how to orientate (like light and shadow side of your robe) will follow.
  • The camera often moves you around making you go in circles sometimes or having to strongly press against where the game wants you to go.
  • Black mountains, hills and plains. They are all somehow different and learning which mountain is where will help you finding your way through this OOB. There are mountains, that become a pillar when you climb them, only to turn into a plain when you reach the top.
  • Pay attention on how a plain looks like: does it have a bulge? Is it more a square or a rectangle? Check left and right side to search for landmarks/pieces of the level to orientate.
  • Perhaps most important is to memorize ambient colors specific to each area: apart from a few distinct light cubes, ambient lighting changes only as you move along the north-south axis. From south (start of the level) to north (end of the level), the sequence can be broadly described as dark blue (Friendly Tunnels), light blue (Kelp, Jellyfish and Ambush rooms), swamp green (Patrol Fields OOB) turning into black with warm reddish accents (Slide) then further into light blue if you go past the fake tower. So if you're lost OOB and the light suddenly changes from light blue tints to a dark blue, you're heading south; furthermore because color boundaries run east-west, by sticking to the edge of color you can maintain direction east or west (this may be useful, for example, to find the Shadowlands by heading west along the edge of blue/green from the Ambush room).
  • Learn and experiment with triggers. WM triggers can be activated (and need to be triggered for some glitches) from OOB. Basically the OOB area is used to dodge certain triggers while still activating others or changing the order of activation. War Machine Glitches are very popular, there are countless things you can try out. Even in 2019 new things were found out!

Level maps found below in the Maps section may help with general navigation and finding points of interest.


Please add here a descriptive short text, for each entrance! Upload a picture of an entrance and put it in the gallery.

At the start of the level[]

This entrance is a bit more difficult, as it requires Charge Boost (CB). You have to boost from the entrance wall, near the door first, fly up to a ledge above the door, and boost there again in order to fly above the door wall and out. Video below shows the details:

Video by ElektrykOliG on PC. Length: 2:02 minutes.

Jellyfish room[]

There is a rather easy entrance in the Jellyfish room. You have to go to the highest jellyfish, where the symbol is, and fly up above the entrance (going back south). Then you have to get to the highest beam. You can walk on the beams normally - they are solid and don't push you off. From the highest beam, you fly above the exit to the war machine zone, through a non-solid wall, and you're out. Video below shows the process:

Video by ElektrykOliG on PC. Length: 1:54 minutes.

A variation of this includes flying over the side wall on either side from the highest beam (flying east or west rather than north). This is best achieved by dropshooting along the beam's length.

Ambush room[]

Another easy entry is on the south side of the Ambush room. Right after the green glowing head at the start, turn right (east) and climb to the corner behind the top row of sitting WM statues, then along its back to the top of either WM's head, fly below the spinning thing and land on top of it (or on the nearby ledge). From there, fly further up to the nearby windows, and then walk south on the narrow ledge until you hit the wall. Fly up and into that wall landing inside the wall on a hidden platform. Recharge your scarf there and then fly up facing south-east (it's inside the wall so a bit hard to see); if you reach high enough you'll land on another invisible platform, then just walk south into OOB. As a guide, the platform you need to climb is on the same height as the small windows. Please refer to the video below showing this method.

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 2:16 minutes.

Alternatively, the area between two top windows on the east side can be used to Charge Boost above the southern wall instead of climbing it.

A similar path also exists on the west side. There, it's not possible to land on the window ledge but you can reach the invisible surface in the south-west corner from the nearest spinning platform.

Ending shrine tower entrance[]

At the end of the Underground, in the shrine room, go charge boost at the East/right wall of the room to boost on top of the tower.

Charge Boosting over the east walls (west also possible?)[]

The underground is a place full of Charge Boost (CB) points. Especially the level limiting walls often provide rather easy CB possibilities. Some are for example at the east side before the War Machine slide, just walk to the right until you hit a wall and try to boost. Also some walls on the east of the end tower are CB points and there you can directly boost over the level wall entering OOB.

Video guide[]

This video shows some of the entrances with tips in text and further videos linked in the video description.

Video by Tara's Sky Journey on PS4. Length: 11:46 minutes.


  • At the very start of the level, climb the southern wall (where you entered from SC) and jump back into the level.
  • From the outer walls back into Patrol room or Ambush room.
  • Near the end of the level, from the nearby hills it is possible to reach the "roof" covering the slide and from there drop down into the final part of the level; be careful with the bottom of the slide, there is a trigger that locks the camera into a fixed point. It's still possible to walk around and even finish the level but it's a bit difficult to control.


Overview map[]

This hand-drawn map attributed to the Journey player known as aravshetikolava shows an overview of the Underground level.

Level map[]

This map shows a detailed view of the level including key sights, landmarks, triggers, and navigation elements.

Additional maps[]

There are no other known UG OOB maps yet. Additional maps will be added in this section.


Sights in this section are generally arranged from south to north, following the ultimate direction of the journey. Please refer to the level map for exact locations.

Platform-specific Sights[]

PS4-only-SMALL-75x43.gif There are Sky Painting places.

PC-only-SMALL-75x43.gif The Disco Wayfarer nearby the HL Banner.

PS3-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif The Shadowlands are only known to exist on PS3 (not found on PS4 or PC).

Star Fields (Color sparkles area)[]

Starfields is the player-given name to an area where colorful specks, or sparkles float all around you. You can find the Star Fields at the start (south) and end (north) of the OOB area.


Further south behind the Starfields the light almost completely disappears and the surroundings turn into near-blackness.

In semi-blackness, looking back into the Underground level (towards North).

Enter the OOB right at the start of the level, see here.

Semi-blackness, a bit more North.

If you reached the top of the wall above the level-entrance-gate, it's better to try to fly high and far above the corridor. Fly towards South (heading direction where the last level would be). If you fall down too early, you can get stuck near the gate, being pushed around by the wind, very hard if not impossible to get out there again. Soon you'll enter an area with unusual lighting; everything is pitch-black except for your robe which is brightly lit from one side as if walking under a full moon.

Even further South is THE blackness, careful! To find the way out of semi-blackness, it helps to get a feeling for the lightning on your robe: "Which direction am I looking?". The first picture shows a good sign, to find your way towards the level; just walk towards that light.

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif Although it's almost completely black, chirping will help to not lose each other or being able to follow the one that knows the way (they also see which direction you are heading).

Companions chest Symbols are glowing when close to each other.

Disco War Machine[]

Disco WM. Beneath the invisible surface at the south-east corner of the map.

Glittering in rapidly changing colors that War Machine is located on the far south-east edge of the map. Below the invisible sand. More info: War Machine (Glitched)#Disco War Machine.

This WM stays there until the ambush or other WM triggers are activated.

The surface in this area is unstable and invisible (with added darkness and forced camera adjustments making it even harder to navigate), but the behavior is similar to other areas outside base terrain such Liquid Sand in Chapter Select.

The easiest way to "land" on the Disco WM is by walking south-east off the last visible corner of terrain, this will drop the wayfarer below terrain level with the camera facing downward. The WM will be right below.

Note to the image shown: As mentioned above, due to forced camera ("camera going crazy") it will be hard to see the WM like that.

Blinking walls[]

On the east and west ends of the wall separating Kelp Room from Jellyfish Room there are rectangle areas that blink rapidly (due to an effect known as "texture collision"). To get there, climb to the side walls in the Jellyfish Room and fly OOB towards the start of the level. The wall on the south is pretty tall but there is a thin ledge you can walk on (where two parts of the wall meet). From there you can walk around to see the blinking square. Caution: strobe effects.

The video below shows how to get to the east end. The same works for the west side too.

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 1:37 minutes.

Note: On PS3 and afaik PS4 are places (one where the Disco Wayfarer on PC is, West side HL Banner), where the Wayfarer itself strobes. Videos have been done by me and Soulfly, they are maybe stored on the Wiki discord under Disco WF. May 2021 Ravingmadness (talkcontribslogsblock log)

Pipe maze[]

A maze of pipes and beams can be found high above the ground to the west of the Jellyfish Room. It looks like an underground "sewage system" for the Sunken City city above. This area is accessible from Jellyfish Room if instead of flying north from the highest beam you fly over the west wall. A similar but less complex maze is also found on the east side. It is possible to walk on some of the east-west beams (they run pretty far, and some parts further out are invisible). However, all north-south beams are fake and you can't stand on them.

Be careful and save plenty of scarf as it's very easy to fall off the beam and if you do, it's a long way down. A worthy challenge for a capable Wayfarer, and a lot of fun.

"Pillar Mountain"[]

East of the Jellyfish room, at the very edge of solid terrain, there is a very narrow, tall mountain stretching the entire length of the Jellyfish section north-south but only a few steps across (east-west). If approached from the north it looks like a pillar in the middle of nowhere. Controls are a bit tricky on its east side and it's possible to drop below the terrain (similar to Disco Wayfarer zones).

WM head production facility from behind[]

In the corridor after the Jellyfish room, some machinery can be seen inside the windows on either side with blinking WM heads spinning on a round base. The "backstage" of this facility is accessible through fake walls from the out-of-bounds area. WM heads can be seen up close.

Glowing dots in the Ambush room[]

Glowing dots high above in the Ambush room.

Although not technically OOB, this sight requires knowledge and some flying skill to reach it. It is not visible from the level normally. Near the southern wall of the Ambush room, up high, there is a cloud of glowing dots (similar to those found in the Jellyfish room except there's no "water" or jellyfish in the Ambush room).

Further research revealed that this is a FallingSandGlitter particle emitter instance, one of many found in Underground (similar objects are also located in the Jellyfish Room and on top of some God Rays in Friendly Tunnels, adding to the cave-like atmosphere of the level).

It's unknown why the developers chose to place this element there given that it's not visible from the room, but it's an exciting sight nonetheless. Perhaps there was a God Ray there which got deleted.

For more information, see video below:

Video by Seki Albatross on PS4. Length: 4:43 minutes.

War Machine spare parts[]

Stuck mid-air to the west of the Ambush room, some War Machine "spare parts" can be found; these are the same elements that are used inside WM's head, but they were left outside the level for some reason. The easiest way to spot them is from the Patrol Room OOB, land on the west side wall and walk all the way south. The Spare Parts will be at approximately eye level. It is possible to fly closer but there is no solid ground nearby so you'll end up in the "far" OOB and will have to walk a lot to get back.

This object is called "MechBodyGrate" in game files further confirming that these are indeed WM parts. They can be seen up close, for example, in the Snow level (look inside WM heads scattered around the level).

Hidden statues[]

There are two huge mountains outside Unfriendly Tunnels / Patrol Halls (one on the west side and one on the east of OOB), where the light turns green and from the top you can see the grid of pillars inside the level. Inside the east mountain a fascinating collection of objects can be found including WM statues, a fully decorated stone pillar, a "train wreck" (looks like broken containers or something), some War Machine parts and more. The objects are nicely arranged, as if put on display at an exhibition.

This sight is easy to locate but getting a good view may be tricky. Best approached from the south or east side of the mountain. Plant head first into the vertical wall and look around (needs some fighting with the auto-adjusting camera). What's on display in that "Monument Valley" depends on what triggers have been activated and what parts of the main level have been destroyed by WM attacks).

The video below shows how to find this Monument Valley:

Video by qtzl3000 on PS4. Length: 7:01 minutes.

Stuck War Machines[]

Sometimes a War Machine (or two) can be seen stuck in pre- or post-animation state above and around the patrol room. This can be observed by triggering certain events (such as WM patrols, golden flyers, or end slide). A WM that is not actively patrolling an area will run its animated sequence and then freeze at one of the predetermined spots. Breaking certain sequences, or getting chased by WMs out of bounds often leads to them getting stuck in various locations and in funny poses.

Some common behaviors include:

  • WM stuck vertically head-down between the Ambush room and the south-east corner of the Golden Flyers area. This happens if you trigger the Ambush sequence and go out-of-bounds rather than continuing through the corridor.
  • WM stuck horizontally outside the south-east corner of the Patrol Rooms. This happens after the Golden Flyers are eaten, or after the first WM patrol is triggered.
  • WMs stuck outside the edges of the Patrol Rooms on the north end, right before the slide section. This happens if you activate the "WM hide" trigger near the glowing symbol but not the "WM slide patrol" trigger a bit further.
  • WM hiding below terrain on the east side of the Patrol Rooms (green light on). This happens if you get attacked by the second WM and backtrack to enter OOB without activating any other WM triggers.
  • WMs can also get stuck in random locations, with different lights on (Green, White/Blue, sometimes none).

Depending on level progress, stuck WMs can be commonly found in one of three states:

  • Rigid bodies, white lights: those will attack if you get into the light, and touching them will result in wayfarer spinning violently and losing control for a while (no scarf loss unless they also spot you and attack).
  • Rigid bodies, green lights: those won't attack but you can still hit them and fly spinning, just for fun (you don't lose scarf when colliding with WMs).
  • Ghost bodies, lights off: these look like normal WMs but are no longer rigid (you'll fly straight through their body and won't collide or spin). This mode appears to be activated at some point during the slide sequence and remains on afterwards.

There is a spot on the east side where both WMs may appear at the exact same location in which case touching that (visibly "one") War Machine will cause them to suddenly split into two and attack. This happens if the slide section has been triggered but neither WM got the wayfarer in the attack light; in that case both WMs move to a location near the southern end of the mountain to the right (east) of the tower. Activating the WMs there will make them angry but due to the way they are scripted rather than attacking the actual wayfarer they'll take different paths towards the Tower and the screen will shake a few seconds later as each of the WMs hits the target (which is not a wayfarer in this case, but a spot at the base of the tower where the magic glowing shield normally appears).

Column tops in Patrol Halls[]

It is possible to reach the very top of the seemingly endless columns in Patrol Halls. There is not much to see there, but being the ultimate highest ground in this level it's a great observation point. The simplest method to get there is by dropshooting/running along the nearby walls that surround Patrol Halls (advanced players might choose other techniques).

History Lesson banner[]

This sight is found towards the end of the level (as most other HL banners), west side of the OOB. There is a rectangle mountain-platform leading towards the end of the level, you may be able to already see the fake Tower to the right when you look down the mountain.

A good sign that you found the right mountain is golden/yellow light on your robe. Walk forward and the HL will appear at the end, walk closer and the air becomes white.

On PC in this white area is also the Disco Wayfarer zone.

Fake Tower at the far north side[]

Further to the north of the exit there is an area resembling the beginning of the Tower level. Normally you'd see a glimpse of it as you walk through the corridor at the very end of the Underground level, but it's possible to get a closer look from OOB. The screenshot in the gallery above shows the fake tower along with another view of the History Lesson banner. The brightly lit "tower" on the right is the one found at the end of the level after the slide; the "fake tower" is on the left.

Additional Images and Videos[]

Collection of more OOB images of this level, add media here:

  • to verify certain places
  • to assist with navigation (send to others to be able to tell them "this mountain", "this side" etc.)
  • to show other things that are in the OOB / can happen when you use OOB


  • War Machines can get stuck in pretty much any location depending on where they were when certain triggers got activated.

Speaking about disconnections in UG OOB,

Ostonson and I have found that the biggest eastern black hill (in front of the main WM's hall) is the pretty place for reconnections, it happens very easily there. All you need - to be close to each other in the WM's body length, as everywhere. Maybe it can helps someone. — Knock-knock-joke, on Discord. 2021-07-17


I'll always remember the creepy feeling I had in UG oob when I was new to its oob.

Sometimes I still get it, the sight of twisted and curled up WMs never gets prettier.

. . .

The whole eerie and creepy vibe of ug oob...

~ DJThanos, on Discord. 2021-07-16
I simultaneously hate that OOB and love it at the same time, funny thing is, the first person who showed me that OOB also got lost.

An evil level with an evil oob.

All i see in that OOB is absolute pain, I have gotten lost in that oob with people and it has taken me hours to get back.

~ Indryo, on Discord. 2021-07-16

I must add myself to the UGoob lost team xD

Because on my first time showing the billboard to my Companion i thought i could take a "shortcut" but all i achieved was blocking us into the void x,)

~ Kirango Rouge, on Discord. 2021-07-16

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