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Unmotivated War Machine
Underground (UG)
Jellyfish Room OOB
Underground OOB
War Machine Triggers
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The Unmotivated War Machine is a War Machine that can be found in the Underground level that seems to travel from the Unfriendly Tunnels to the Flyers Eaten Room.

It has several alternative names from the community:

  • Backwards Floating War Machine[1]
  • Creepy War Machine
  • Ghoul Machine[2]
  • Scoliosis War Machine[3]

What is it?[]

It is a War Machine that does not take any action and seems to be dragged unwillingly through the level.

Main characteristics:

  • Flies tail-first and curled to one side
  • Floats, does not move its parts
  • No searchlight, eye light, or shield light
  • No actions against the player or the flyers in the Flyers Eaten Room

Where is it found?[]

This WM can be seen travelling through the Unfriendly Tunnels to the Flyers Eaten Room, then flying to Out of Bounds (OOB) - where it comes to rest near the Southeastern corner of the Flyers Eaten Room.

Directions for Setup[]

To see this WM:[4]

  • Go OOB via the Jellyfish Room (or earlier)
  • Navigate to top of the East sidewall of the Flyers Eaten Room
  • Drop Down along the Northern wall of the Flyers Eaten Room
  • Walk slowly to the main wall opening and wait (do not cross over into next room)
    • This trigger is known as "WM1 Patrol"[5] on this map

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif On PS4, if you have a companion with you, the HID player will see the WM, but it may not appear for the LID player. The opposite is true if you are triggering this after spawning WM2 in the 1st Unfriendly Tunnels - LID will see the WM, where as HID player will not.[6]

Video: Initial Setup[]

The video below shows the Initial Setup to see the Unmotivated WM.

Video by ThatRandomWayfarer on PS4. Length: 06:10 minutes.

Video: Repeat Sighting[]

After doing the initial setup, if you follow the actions in this video, you will be able to see the Unmotivated WM patrolling in a loop with another Active WM in the 2nd Unfriendly Tunnels area (without going OOB again).

Video by ThatRandomWayfarer on PS4. Length: 02:44 minutes.

Better directions are provided below (involves going OOB and returning to main map):[7]

  • CB off the East Wall and get on top of the walls
  • Walk towards the next room and carefully drop in (minding the WM2 Spawn/Alert Triggers)
  • Touch the "WM1,2 Patrol" trigger

Help Wanted![]

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif You can help contribute to this article by answering questions below!! Seshatienosco (talk) 19:29, 15 September 2021 (UTC)

  • Players with companions can BOTH see this WM at the same time?
  • Does ID Rule matter with this WM?
    • Unclear if it is ID Rule or some other factor that causes sighting variances between players when they are with companions.
    • CausticSteel on PSN mentioned sometimes their companions were able to see it and not themselves. The WM was also seen in various streamer recordings for both the players.


  • Unmotivated War Machine's mood changes once it goes OOB and performs flips to become the Happy War Machine. [9]

  • Did you know that you can see Unmotivated WM and Happy WM right after each other?
    • This video from Ignis on Steam shows you how to activate the necessary triggers.[10]


This article was drafted as a result of CausticSteel reaching out via PSN and renewing interest in this WM.

Would like to especially thank these players (kandiana, Ignis, LFL2494, Qtzl3000, Ravingmadness) for their contribution to this article with their expertise, time, and answers.


I see Ghoul-Machines. @,,@ Lmao! xD
~ CausticSteel
Am I hallucinating or do I see this thing looping around?!?
~ SharifaSeshat
I've tested this on PS4 and the only trigger that's needed to get the "Unmotivated" WM is "WM1 Patrol".

If you avoid all preceding WM triggers (Ambush Room, Flyers Room Spawn/Act) and activate WM1 Patrol trigger only you'll get the glitch.

You can even go further and repeat the same by activating "WM1,2 Patrol" in the next room (again, whilst avoiding other WM triggers such as WM2 Spawn and WM2 Alert).

Then you'll watch the Unmotivated WM flying repeatedly in the patrol path (it's harmless -- but be careful because WM2 will also be patrolling and that one is active).
~ Qtzl3000
It was called unmotivated WM at some point.

If you activate a patrolling WM in the first or third rooms before you activate the attack in the Ambush room, the first WM will be in the shape it lies in the Ambush room.

It will go tail-first, will be non-material, have no searching light nor an ability to attack. But that's all. Everything else it will do the same way normal first WM does.
~ kandiana

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  1. From: Ravingmadness. An accurate description of WM's movements.
  2. From: CausticSteel. Normally plays horror genre games.
  3. From: SharifaSeshat. Has an interest in medicine.
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  5. Trigger Identification by Qtzl3000.
  6. We are conducting some additional tests regarding the Pure Unmotivated WM (triggering in Flyers Room first) vs spawning WM2 first and then triggering the Unmotivated WM by going back into the Flyers Room. In this specific case with post WM2 spawning, HID player cannot see the Unmotivated WM - ThatRandomWayfarer.
  7. Investigation and Directions by Qtzl3000.
  8. Not sure why, I think it MIGHT be the ID rule stuff, but I don't know enough to tell. Here's the video when it did not appear. I was HID, and my companion was LID.
  9. Comment by kandiana: "If you activate it in the flyers room, it will go up, then hang across the S-shaped tunnel, do several flips and stop there. If you activate it in the third room (near the slide), it will patrol till you get any other trigger. If you activate slide trigger next, it will become normal; if you activate any trigger in the second room next, it will go OOB. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it'll hand in the air across the third room or go under the sand 'cause I'm not sure which WM does which (need to check it).And there are some variations. If you get invisible WM in the Ambush room first, then activate the patrolling in the first or third rooms, it will still have no searching light, but will fly in a proper way. And I'm not sure what trigger does the next version (I think it's the second trigger in the S-shaped tunnel, but maybe it's the third... need to check it too), but you can get WM with a searching light (not sure it's always there though) but no face, that will be able to attack you. I'll look for the pictures of each one".
  10. Triggers activated in the video in sequence are:"WM1 Patrol" and "WM1 Act" in order.