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War Machine (Glitched)
War Machine Glitches and Tricks abhi.png
This article is about different glitches, therefore different difficulty. Information on which platforms the glitch works should be given at that article.

This is a gateway article for War Machine related glitches. It contains basic information about all known WM glitches. Links lead to the specific glitch-articles.

Many War Machine glitches are still investigated by the Wiki Crew. Take part and help us to reveal details on how they work!

About War Machine Glitches[]

War Machine in OOB.

Captured War Machine

"Playing" with the WMs is something that many people like to do and over the years the community discovered many ways to make the WMs behave differently or meet them in the Out of Bounds (OOB).

Although it appears like many WMs are lurking in the underground area, in fact there are only two WM instances and they are programmed to spawn/relocate to different areas as the player progresses through the level.

Most of the WM Glitches in Underground are a result of breaking these programmed sequences by skipping trigger points or activating them in a wrong order (often both). Results may vary for the Wayfarer and the Companion.

  • Naturally WM glitches can be done only in the Underground and Snow level.
  • Newcomers start with experimenting, either in or Out of Bounds. Where are triggers, how often do they attack, where are save places, where do they go etc. This helps to understand more complicated glitches.
  • Experienced players might try to show certain glitches or simply enjoy doing them, when both recognise that the Companion knows about it.
  • Ancestor-SMALL-45x45.gif Difficulty level: Some Glitches "just happen", due to the game bugging out, bad connection and other reasons. Others need a certain setup, go to specific places first, avoiding the wrong triggers etc. For the more complicated WM Glitches it will take some tries to get them.

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif Some War Machine glitches are related to the The ID rule. It also gives information on other glitches.

WMs positions are saved[]

even if you use the "Chapter Select" option or quit to title (PC only option).[1]

This section should be filled with more information, about which WMs stay or which are activated again.

The Disco WM and a captured WM are known to be affected by it.

Triggers and how some Glitches are connected to each other[]

A certain route, can make several WM Glitches happen. On the other hand, after doing a Glitch, another Glitch might not be possible anymore.

For some Glitches its needed to go forth and back in or outside the level and so on.

More information about how things are connected should be added (eventually on its own article, to have enough space).

Here is a Discord talk, pipimpipim about a map for triggers, this might help with such an article.. Its also about WM eyes, blind, white, green; includes some video etc. Pipimpipim is a very comprehensive Journey player.

Multicolor double attack in Starfields[]

WM attacks in OOB. The Starfields make a color explosion.

More information in the video and comments.

Video by i12believe on PS3. Length: 08:20 minutes.

Ambush room war machine glitching[]

Ambush Room WM not attacking.

There are some glitches you can get in this room. Often connected with the Out of Bounds area of this level, to hit some triggers.

Hint-SMALL-75x43.gif The War Machine will normally attack when the leading carpet arrives in front of the two War Machines. Going fast or going OOB and not hitting the Carpet trigger, can cause several things.

Flyers Eaten Room, War Machine shenanigans[]

Entrance to Fylers Eaten Room.

One War Machine patrolling at slide[]

Placeholder Image :)

The Wiki Team has received information for this glitch. Article writing is in progress! Seshatienosco (talk) 23:43, 6 November 2021 (UTC)

Video by Bongsadist on PS3. Length: 0.3 minutes.

Two War Machines kissing[]

The result of this Glitch.

Main article: [[:|]]

The video below shows several WM glitches, at 11:30 Aten starts flying to the "Two WMs in OOB "kissing".

Video by Ryu-ichi Aten on PS4. Length: 16:10 minutes.

How to capture a War Machine[]

One captured WM. End of UG level.

The result of an extended OOB tour, to hit certain triggers (called: setup):

A WM flying behind the force field of the tower at the end of the Underground level. It will move its head a bit and then stop to move at all.

Make War Machines attack you anywhere[]

Wayfarers being attacked. (this image is probably not connected with the Glitch)

If you get the setup for this glitch right, a War Machine will fly and attack your low ID companion anywhere in the level!

VIP War Machines (named)[]

Some WMs can be glitched in a very specific way and the community gave them names, to make it easier to communicate. Long descriptions are not needed then.

Dragonfly War Machine[]

Placeholder Image :)

Main article: Dragonfly War Machine

A War Machine, that rapidly spins around at one place.

Its possible to trigger the Dragonfly War Machine in the Underground and Snow level.

Disco War Machine[]

Disco WM on Steam version.

The name comes from the flashing colors on that frozen (not moving) machine.

Happy War Machine[]

Placeholder Image :)

Main article: Happy War Machine

The happy War Machine can be triggered in the flyer room in UG. Characteristic is the wagging tail of the War Machine. Sometimes it also shakes its head.


WM not moving, no search light. It's 'Phil' WM. Unsolid WM that looks the other way than in usual setup.

Main article: [[:|]]

PS3-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked-SMALL-75x34.gif , should work on iOS too. In the picture you can see frozen unsolid WM, 'Phil'.
To get it, first you need to get unsolid flying in the slide WM. Then you need to go to CS and back to UG, fly to the slide avoiding ALL WM triggers, it will hover here with an attack animation on. There is no more info given about this glitch at the moment.

Video by i12believe on PS3. Length: 15:21 minutes.

Unmotivated War Machine[]

Unmotivated War Machine

This War Machine just cannot be motivated to do anything.

It is dragged unwillingly through the level tail-first, all lights off, and doesn't attack players or flyers.

Glitching in Snow[]

This section still needs to be reworked and other (possibly existing) WM Glitches in Snow should be added. Single articles for certain Glitches should be created too. Ravingmadness (talk) 17:33, 28 September 2020 (UTC)

Missing second War Machine at Patrol Fields (Snow)[]

In the snowfield War Machine area it might happen, that you are not able to see the second War Machine.

Missing first War Machine and off-sync War Machines in snow[]

This might have happened because my companion was from around the world and lagged (so off-sync War Machines). We also tried to walk the snow shortcut, but did not made it up to the platform, so we gave up on that. We maybe hit a patrol field trigger there, then went on normal way through the snow.[2]

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 5 minutes.

Blue Light[]

When walking to the last part at the Patrol Fields a War Machine will slowly approach you. There is a huge search light slowly coming towards you.

This glitch is about how to get this Blue Light not moving and no WM attack will happen. You (and your companion - needs verification if they can see it too) will be able to stand in this light.

Here is a video on how to get it as Red Robe, which is more difficult then getting it as a White Robe. There may be different ways to achieve it. See description below the YouTube video below.

Note: Doing glitches in Red is often considered a challenge. First you learn about the glitch, you try to replicate, then think about how to do it as Red...

Video by David Moore on PS4. Length: 14:31 minutes.

Taming a War Machine[]

Another Glitch that can be caused by will, but the Wiki has can only provide those videos at the moment:

Part one:

Video by oOSunkenCityOo on PS4. Length: 3:17 minutes.

Part two:

Video by oOSunkenCityOo on PS4. Length: 5:50 minutes.

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  1. Paleologos: WMs positions are going to reset only, if you relaunch the game. I already tested that while trying to find out why disco WM is sometimes missing. Going back to the main menu is the same as CSing.
  2. Ravingmadness