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WM capture
OOB, charge boost, trigger knowledge
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What is it?[]

The result of an extended Out Of Bounds tour, to hit certain triggers in a specific order (setup). It results in a War Machine (WM) flying past the force field of the tower at the end of the Underground level, as if it got "tamed". It will move its head a bit looking at you and then stop moving completely.

The WM just stays there until you go to the next level.

It is also possible to capture two WMs (Companion needed?), or capture 1 WM and get attacked by the other one at the shrine, while watching the history lesson.

How and where to do it[]

The WM flying into the tower area.

Path to the most used CB point for the capture. Warning: You must not go in front of the tower. This is just to show where it is.

Click to enlarge. About the flight route at the slide.

In the Underground level, OOB needed.

A rather big setup is needed. We made it an own page to keep things clearer on the War Machine (Glitched) article.

Simplified explanation of the common setup[]

  1. Trigger the War Machines to the ending slide without entering it :
    • You can simply travel normally in-bounds until getting there (no matter the various WM triggers you hit on your way). Then fly up (CB) to OOB, from the right/East side wall of the last room before the slide (see video tutorials).
    • Or if you went in OOB earlier (probably at the start of the level or Jellyfish Room): dive toward the slide entrance from high above, touch the trigger and boost back up to OOB again with a slow boost (or CB if fail). You could also touch this trigger from the other side of the huge northern wall, in OOB directly (and verify you indeed triggered the WM to the slide by checking for their lights on the sides of the slide in OOB).
  2. Go to the ending tower, drop from the top and either touch or cross the wind barrier (don't go past the first tombstones if you do cross through it). Touching the wind barrier makes the WMs go back in OOB, whereas crossing it will also reset the camera (when it zooms out very far) and disable the wind/forced sliding (so you can dive for the last step of the setup in the slide). Resetting the camera will enable endless long distance connection to your companion if you have one. Note it is possible to cross the wind barrier in the air with a reverse dive, to not have to Charge Boost back up (harder version).
  3. Fly up (CB) to OOB again, go back to the last room before the slide to reenter the level there. Do not pay a visit to the WM stationed in OOB on your way, or the WM capture will fail if it spots you. Checking this WM is indeed present on the East side of the slide in OOB can be useful to confirm you didn't cross the wind barrier too far and the setup is good ! Now would be the moment to trigger a WM attack at the shrine along with the capture if interested (see video tutorials).
    • CB info: there is a wall on the East side, see image. Careful to not boost over the tombstones or you might touch unwanted triggers (stay close to the tower). Once back up it's safe to fly over all these triggers near the bottom of the slide.
  4. Slide or dive toward the shrine following a certain route. Make sure to be seen by the War machine and that it doesn't lose sight of you on your way to the shrine. See image and video: About a flight route for WM capturing.

There are several methods to make the capture happen.

Common mistakes[]

  • Crossing the wind barrier too far. Especially when doing it mid-air with a reverse dive, it is really easy to go too far ! On foot as well if you don't stop just after going through the barrier and pay a visit to the tombstones. The WM won't be waiting in OOB East of the slide if you do this mistake, and its eye will be closed when attempting the capture later (it can't spot you).
  • Touching the reset camera trigger without disabling the wind barrier: This happens when doing a reverse dive a bit too high up: the wind barrier trigger doesn't extend as high as the camera trigger, so it will make the camera stuck in a zoomed out position if triggered alone. By dropping at the bottom of the tower it is still possible to cross the wind barrier after and save the capture.
  • Don't dive on the right or left side of the slide in OOB, as some WM triggers exist in the slide and extend in OOB. The top of the slide is safe to travel on. The WM will bounce off the barrier if you do this mistake.
  • Diving too fast over the slide when about to capture the WM, and not getting seen by the WM (no red halo). You should always slow down a little when approaching the tombstones to make sure you're spotted.
  • When the WM loses sight of you just before capturing it and bounces off the barrier (sometimes with its eye closed). It can happen if you move too fast or slowly while going over the shrine, when you boost/jump too high up over the shrine, or when you don't go high enough above it.

Help the wiki and describe methods in text or video. Clarify which triggers to hit/avoid etc.

First Steps/Setup[]

You really need to be familiar with the Underground (OOB) area to find your way through the level, hitting the right triggers and avoiding the wrong ones.

At the moment an exact written description is not available (information is missing), please feel free to expand this article.

Tutorial videos[]

Normal capture[]

Going through the level in bounds, until the slide to trigger WMs in it. CBing into OOB from the last room before slide. Flying to the top of the tower, dropping down, crossing the trigger to place the WMs back in OOB and disable the forced sliding. CBing back up into OOB. Then re-enter at the last room before slide and capture.

Video by belovedklowny on ps3 (should work on all devices). Length: 6:50 minutes.

Easy capture[]

A variant where the camera isn't reset at the end of the slide to be able to slide instead of flying when capturing the war machine, which might be easier for new fancy flyers.

The video has captions too !

Video by Silversong4VR Gaming on PS4. Length: 06:08 minutes.

WM capture + WM attack[]

This video explains how to capture a War machine and get attacked by the second one at the shrine (when watching the History Lesson). If you're only interested in capturing a War Machine, skip the part between 4:20 and 8:09. What is referred to as "the glitch" in this video just means going "Out of Bounds".

Video by Journey and Sky: Light Awaits Videos on PS3. Length: 9:40 minutes.

Same setup explained in French by i12believe (with English comments) :

Video by "i12believe" on PS3. Length: 8:50 minutes.

About a flight route for WM capturing[]

Video by seki gokurakuin on PS4. Length: 3:20 minutes.

Double capture[]

Video by i12believe on PS4. Length: 26 minutes.

Ava wrote down the important timestamps for this video: LID = Low ID Player, HID = High ID Player (see also The ID rule)

▸Connect anywhere [2:15]

▸Reset cam [2:25]

▸LID goes to SE [4:00]

▸HID - Happy WM (light - yes, attack - no) [5:10]

▸HID - Room 2 1st trigger (LID's WM moves) [5:53]

(LID's WMb is synchronizing, WMa is still not [6:25])

▸HID WMb loop at the slide [5:53]

▸HID attacked towards the slider [7:14]

▸HID RCB OOB [8:08], activate A+B loop [8:40]

Trigger warning at [8:55] [PIC] WMa light - yes, attack - no

▸LID to the slider end [9:55]

▸"LID needs to get attacked here" [11:13] [PIC]

▸LID approaches HID [12:30] for 2 loops, then goes back

▸HID switched attack [14:20]

▸LID sits at the shrine [15:57]

▸HID calls the patrol [16:37], fly above it, CAPTURE! [PIC]

Permanent WM capture[]

A way to capture WM at the shrine and make sure they never leave !

Part 1:

Video by "Dude Fish" on PS4. Length: 8:42 minutes.

This video brings clarifications to Part 1:

Video by "Dude Fish" on PS4. Length: 2:22 minutes.

Part 2:

Video by "Dude Fish" on PS4. Length: 4:24 minutes.

For fun / challenge: Speedrun WM Capture[]

Have a look at the speedrun leaderboard to see War machine captures in white or red robe performed by various players

A very unusual capture (there is a bit of info in the video description):

Video by madcapnomad on PS4. Length: 4:00 minutes.

An other unusual capture route :

Video by madcapnomad on PS4. Length: 04:05 minutes.

Additional Images and Videos[]

Coop in-bounds capture[]

An original way of capturing a WM completely in-bounds with the help of a companion. There is info in the video description about how to do it.

Video by madcapnomad on PS4. Length: 6:27 minutes.

WM capture + WM attack in the history lesson[]

The result of a WM capture + WM attack at the shrine, as explained in the tutorial video above:

Video by Ignis on PC. Length: 02:08 minutes.

"Unusual capture" - WM with head turned[]

An uncommon capture.

WM with its head turned 180 degrees (you're looking at the back side of the head)

Compare the number of WM "segments" with a normal-looking WM.

WMs in OOB often have their heads turned around when they're stuck, likely to hide their headlight. In this example, cold white light is visible on WM's neck and "spikes".

Captured War Machine during the History Lesson.



A captured WM will stay there, even if you use the "Chapter Select" option or quit to title (PC only option).[1]

Unless go you go back to the last Symbol, then it will fly away. You can trigger that for a Companion who is still at the captured WM.[2]


It puts fear in me
~ Ravingmadness

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  1. Paleologos: WMs positions are going to reset only, if you relaunch the game. I already tested that while trying to find out why disco WM is sometimes missing. Going back to the main menu is the same as CSing.
  2. Ravingmadness: this was info from Ten and Nico Buis. Did not test this yet...