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What is it?[]

The Wardrobe is a place in Chapter Select where you can:

  • Check which symbols you didn't find yet on your Journeys
  • Change your robe, after you've found all the glowing Symbols in the game

The name "Wardrobe" primarily refers to the actual spot with white (or red) cloth stripes unlocked as you progress, making the White Robe available. The term also refers to that general area of the Chapter Select level.


You will find it in Chapter Select (CS), the first level in Journey.

  • Position yourself in front of the pit that leads to the end of the level.
  • The chapter select area is a ring of buildings around a platform.
  • The most south-east building is just a ruin, with stairs left and right. That is it.

Checking the symbols[]

  • Several lines of symbols. Glowing/white symbols mean that certain symbol was found.
  • The lines reference the levels in order from top to bottom, see Levels for abbreviations. left side: CS, BB, PD, SC right side: UG and Tower
  • A stone circle. It will have banners growing out of it, once you found all the symbols. If you touch the banners you will change your cloak (either red-white or other way).
    • If you keep on standing in the banners, you will constantly change forth and back.

Which stone is which symbol in the level?[]

[1] Note: The order of the symbols in each line is not the order how you would naturally pick the symbols up.

Abbr. Level Symbols from left to right
CS Chapter Select
  1. East side of the platform in the middle of the pit
  2. At the platform in the middle of the pit, left side
  3. The actual first symbol, straight forward/north after starting the game
BB Broken Bridge
  1. Behind a sandfall in a little cave on north-west side
  2. After entering the level, jump down to the west side
  3. North-east side on top of the cave with the glyph
PD Pink Desert
  1. The one that falls down as a shooting star
  2. At start of level, head to the east
  3. At the tower with the statue, on the lower part to the left side
  4. On the tower to the west side of the level
SC Sunken City
  1. At the rest area where you free the carpets
  2. The first symbol, rather at the start of the level in the middle of the slide
  3. The last one, that is in the canyon/crack
UG Underground
  1. In a pipe at the kelp room
  2. In a pipe before you reach the kelp room
  3. On top of a jellyfish in the jellyfish room
  4. Short before the last slide down to the tower, west side
TW Tower
  1. In the temple at the side of the tower
  2. In the middle of the tower, easy to reach after the whale was activated
  3. In the whale room, left side behind the banners
  4. First symbol close to the ground on a pillar

Which stone on the statue is which symbol in the level?[]

At the base of each History Lesson statue, there are angled stones which will light up once you've found the corresponding glowing symbols on the level (they reflect your overall progress, not the symbols picked up on a given run). The diagrams below show how these stones map to the specific symbols hidden on each level.

Changing the robe[]

Once you've found all Symbols, you'll be able to choose to travel as a White Robe or change back to a Red Robe. On all platforms except iOS, travelling as a White Robe makes you unable to meet first-run travelers (identified by their Red Robe with only one embroidery ring, see Wayfarers).

Collecting all symbols will also give you the Transcendence trophy (except on the Epic Games version where trophies do not exist, but you'll still get access to the White Robe). This can be done in one or more journeys, and the overall progress counts towards the trophy.

Why can't a first-run Red Robe meet a White Robe?[]

This was done intentionally by the developers, and the rule works on all platforms except iOS (for unknown reasons, possibly because of low player count).

The theory is this: players on their first journey should not be intimidated by veteran players that look different and can fly wherever they want. It could make new players frustrated and confused, while distracting them from the game itself.

On the first run, the game is slower-paced. New players constantly need to find cloth to charge their red scarf, giving them an incentive to thoroughly explore the environment. Requiring advanced players to use the red robes encourages both parties to rely on, and thus cooperate with, each other for scarf power.

In any case, when travelling as a Red Robe, players can chirp to let their companions know their scarf is empty.

Gameplay Nuances (White vs Red Robes)[]

The Red Robe is the starter robe that the players begin with. The opposite of that is the White Robe, obtained by collecting all the symbols in the game. Some may say that both are just used for style, but no! Both robes have unique gameplay effects. As the Red Robe requires cloth to regain scarf power from cloth creatures, cloth, and Wayfarers; unlike the White Robe which refills everytime you hit the ground. These can severely affect the gameplay style.

A gameplay effect for both of the Robes happen in the Snow chapter of the game. The snow freezes the player and causes flight and scarf regeneration to slow. This is also the only chapter were wind can harm the player(s) Robe and scarf.


  1. This analysis was done by aravshetikolava. Thank you so much for doing the work behind that and creating those wonderful images!