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A wayfarer. Say hi!

Wayfarers are the creatures that travel through the world of Journey towards the ultimate goal, the Mountain.


The character you control in Journey is a Wayfarer. Companions you meet along the way or travel with are also Wayfarers.

Wayfarers are known by a variety of names, the most common ones being:

  • Journeyer
  • Wanderer
  • Traveler
  • Journeyman
  • Rythulian (sometimes mistakenly considered the official name of the species, see Trivia section below)

When using the Chirp button, one can see their Symbol, and it is also visible on the Wayfarer's chest (when glowing).

Companions-SMALL-75x43.gif The Symbol that your Companion sees is different than the one you see when you chirp and vice versa.

Wayfarers (your character included) may wear a white or red robe with different embroideries (tiers) indicating the player's progress in the game as explained in the following sections.

Robe Tiers[]

You start the game as a Red Robe (RR) with just a single yellow line on the bottom of your robe. This makes you a first run and people that understand how the pattern increases will recognise you as a newcomer.

With every completed Journey you will get more embroidery on your robe, up to your "fourth run" (Tier 4).

The terms "run" and "tier" are both used and understood by the Journey community members.

First Run[]

A Wayfarer playing the game for the first time. They cannot meet a White Robe except in iOS.[1]

Second and Third Runs[]

With every completed Journey, the embroidery will increase when starting a new Journey, until it reaches full embroidery (Tier 4).

You may start a Journey through Chapter Select (CS) portals but this will not grant an increased pattern at the start of your next Journey.

Full Embroidery[]

A fully embroidered robe, also known as a Full Tier or Full Run, distinguishes Wayfarers who went through Journey three or more times.

Tier 1 Robe is available with zero runs and each run adds a tier until maximum is reached.

Robe Colors[]

The terms "cloak" and "robe" are used and understood interchangeably by the Journey community members and mean the same thing.

Robes with low Tier could also be an experienced player who reset their game. See Companions.

Red Robe[]

Red Robe (also known as Red Cloak) is the default color that all Wayfarers wear.

With Red Robe, scarf power can be recharged using cloth creatures or Companions, but won't regenerate when simply walking on the ground alone. Thus, a Red Robe's movement is more limited compared to the White Robe.

White Robe[]

A Wayfarer who has found all the Symbols gains access to the White Robe.

Note: Your robe will not automatically switch colors when you pick up the last Symbol. You would need to switch to it at the Wardrobe in Chapter Select after completing that Journey.

A White Robe Journeyer would usually have a fully embroidered Robe, but it is possible to get a White Robe with lower tiers if you manage to collect all the Symbols within one Journey.

Wayfarer Comparison[]

  • Red Robe has no mouth-line.
  • White Robe shows a V-shaped yellow line below the eyes.
  • White Robe's Scarf charges when touching the ground.
    • Thus, the White Robe is less dependent on cloth creatures or a Companion to fly.
  • White Robe traveler starts with a longer scarf.
    • "The white scarf stops growing before the tower"[2] if it has reached maximum length (you collected enough symbols and the scarf wasn't torn by the War Machines).
    • For more information about maximum Scarf length and comparison to red Scarf, see Maximum scarf length.

Common Abbreviations[]

The table below lists common abbreviations to identify different tiers of Wayfarers.

RR or RC Red Robe or Red Cloak, also called Reddie
WR or WC White Robe or White Cloak
2nd or Tier 2 A wayfarer with the embroidery of level 2. They are on their second Journey. Generally Red but if White, they've got all the symbols on their first run.
3rd or Tier 3 This person has played only 3 journeys (could be an advanced player, especially if White).
4th or Tier 4 This person has played 4 or more journeys (could be a very advanced player).



  • If a White Traveller game session starts a New Journey, they will be white. Normally, new journeys start as Red. (PS3 only)
  • Starting as White and not picking symbols will yield the same shortest scarf as Red starts with when going to a level.
  • Pressing Start Journey after just finishing a Journey skips the Opening by moving the camera to the player's Red Robe sitting position ready to stand up.
  • In Journey's code, the Wayfarer is called Dude or Ninja, ClothNinja refers to the scarf/robe. (Various different game files references)
    • In early concept art and development versions for Journey, the protagonist looked like a ninja warrior as noted by the developers.
  • The name "Rythulian" comes from a note made by art director Matt Nava in the PS3 Collector's Edition gameplay commentary.
    • It gained prominence after the Collector's Edition release, but is not an official name of the species in Journey.
  • In early concepts, a Wayfarer would travel in a Red robe and turn White in Paradise. [3]
  • In developer versions, robe embroideries were given to the Wayfarer by Ancestors at each level's final cinematic, along with extra scarf length.


Funny community terms:

Enrobed One, Destroyer of All Sponges, Chirper of Hope and Doom, Who May or May Not Sit, Most Exalted Flapping Nabob of Sand and Snow and High Whoop-dee-doer?
~ MonsieurDebris

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