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Wayfarers (Glitched)
Wayfarer Glitches and Tricks abhi.png
Different glitches may appear on different platforms

All platforms

This article offers an overview of known bugs and glitches with Wayfarers and Companions.

Discussions and details about each glitch, such as when they happen or on which platforms, are maintained in the dedicated articles linked below.

Known glitches[]

These glitches seem to happen randomly, but it seems that for example the invisible scarf happens at certain places more often.

Naked Companion / Naked Wayfarer[]

PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif In some situations a Wayfarer or a Companion might lose their Robe. For details see Naked Wayfarer.

Invisible scarf[]

PS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gif PC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif Sometimes a Wayfarer's or a Companion's scarf becomes invisible. For details see Invisible scarf.

Headless Wayfarer[]

Headless Wayfarer.png

There is no information about this bug happening on other platforms. It may happen or not on other platforms.

An article for this glitch should be created as soon as there is more information available.

It happens in the Snow History Lesson. Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif This glitch got reported by several people, during the first months after the Epic Games version release.

According to this thread on the Steam Community Forum, its related to screen resolution. Link to headless Wayfarer on Steam

Invisible Companion[]

No Chirp sound[]

Most often reported in PD. Seems to happen most often on Steam (Epic probably too), PS4 and (maybe? sometimes?) on PS3.

Fixed when entering the next level.


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See also[]

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Broadly speaking, a glitch is where something in the game does something it wasn't meant to. We do not distinguish between a "wanted Glitch" and actual bugs.
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