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Whale is a large cloth creature with a distinct head, four or six wings (possibly fins) and a long, thick tail.

Alternative Names:

  • Hammerhead
  • Pure War Machine
  • Sea Dragon
  • Whale Tapestries

Occurrence, appearance, behavior[]

Found in the Tower Whale Room and in Paradise. Although very similar, they actually are different variations of the same species:

  • The Whale in the Tower has four wings and its body segments are tightly connected, almost overlapping
  • Whales in Paradise have six wings rather than four, with a notable distance between body segments


  • Wayfarers can ride the whale if they land on any of the cloth segments and make them glow.
  • However in Paradise you can only ride a Whale when landing on one in the Whale Pools. Sometimes they will take a full round there, until they start flying up to the next pool. The one that brings you to the last "Torii"-like gate will drop you off there and dive down after it. It will take a long turn to the right and end up in the pool again.
  • Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Whales in Paradise make distinct calls when touched, and those vary depending on which part of the level the interaction occurs, or possibly with each touch. If touched very early in Paradise, a Whale on PS4 will make an unusual call somewhat similar to a baby cry (a bit unsettling compared to all other sounds the cloth creatures make).

Special cases[]

There are no individually named instances of this species, however the Whale in the Tower is a unique creature that doesn't appear elsewhere in the game.


  • Whales are called Cloth Guardians in game files.
  • One of the sounds used by the Tower whale is called OrcaMovement, and the whales in Paradise both use HappyWhale sound emitters which suggests that these creatures were at least informally referred to as whales by the developers. Whether the orca/whale distinction bears any meaning is not clear (orcas, although they are sometimes called Killer Whales, are actually a species of dolphin). "As mentioned above, there are 2 kinds of whales. I dont know the code, but i assume thats why they use different sound files (also different levels). To me it seems that the whale sounds in Paradise on the PC version are broken/sound different compared to ps3." Ravingmadness (talkcontribslogsblock log)
  • In the Tower level, after the Whale left its room, the camera will point to where the whale is. Unless there is a stronger camera movement going on. confirmed PS3. If this effect stops at some point should be investigated.


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