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Whale in Tower (Glitched)
Whale Glitches and Tricks abhi.png

This article lists known glitches involving the Whale creature in the Tower level.


There are several glitches that can happen or be forced regarding the whale in the Tower.

  • Whale flying sideways
  • Whale without goo
  • Whale chimera
  • more
  • and more

Some of those Glitches are connected to Off-Sync Goo, see Tower (Glitches).

" Easiest way to make them (Whale) off sync, is to take a long time before you release the Whale, or the low ID can go to snow level to freeze high IDs whale, or you can do off sync goo."[1]

Whale chimera[]

Chimera Whale on iOS

If you manage to get it, it will look like this:[2]

It does look the same on all platforms, though for verification reasons we added:

  • Picture from iOS
  • Videos from PS3 and PC version

Video by bongsadist on PS3. Length: 0.5 minutes.

Video by viharock29 on PC. Length: 0:48 minutes.

How and where to do it[]

The glitch is not fully discovered. It seems to have to do with a companion and maybe also different levels of goo. Some people say it also needs time, meaning you have to wait for longer time.

What was done, before the glitch happened:

Pushed an AFK companion down the tower when not all goo was activated.

I waited at their side and then flew up and i think i activated the rest of goo.

~ Ravingmadness, playing on PS3
Viharock was showing a T2 reddie a round in the tower, and found the whale all messed up like this.

It looks like the whale went back to normal when the reddie activ the cut scene.

~ 6markey9 explaining what happened on viharock29s stream

I had the white cape (this is my 3rd playthrough) and had collected all symbols beforehand so I just flew up to the center, waited for my scarf to recharge, and floated to the next platform.

The other player disappeared, though. Kinda bummed about that. The dragon/whale ended up becoming whole again, but not even 5 minutes later it "unraveled" again and just stopped moving entirely.

~ gl1tcheff3ct, playing on iOS

Sideways Whale[]

Main article: Sideways Whale

Whale returning to Whale Room and re-entering Tower through a wall[]

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif Further Information about this Glitch is missing. It may have to do with the order in which the Glyphs are activated. It should work and be reproducable on PS3-checked-SMALL-75x43.gifPS4-checked-SMALL-75x43.gifPC-checked--SMALL-75x43.gif. No data for iOS.

An according article should be created: Off-sync Whale. This article should be linked at Tower (Glitches) and Off-sync.

Here are some explanatory quotes from discord (those can be used to write a text about the thing, please use cite to give credit to the people that gave the information).

REBoba Tea-Chirp

Has anyone ever seen the whale activated in Tower and just past the trigger mural it just nopes, turns left and flies through the wall? My companion's whale didn't do this.

We did dry climb, but we then dropped down to activate the water in order as normal. When my whale peaced out, I asked if she saw it and she did. She led me to it and rode it, which on my end looked like she was flying backwards.

It's worth noting that her whale also vanished briefly, or at least she didn't see it anywhere at first. Before activating the next level she spotted it again. Mine did eventually come back after raising the water/goo to the highest level.

rebi one way to make whale offsync is to wait a while in the level, before releasing it.

~10 mins or so usually does the trick.

Whale goes to xyz coordinates 0, 0, 0 which is very Southeast corner of oob and back for one companion. I believe it would be only for the companion with the first letter of their ID higher than the other. (See The ID rule)

But theres lots of variations you could have experienced something different depending on who touches the whale and when. — Talks on Journey Discord 2020-08-12

Talks about timings and the Whale flying to OOB and returning to Tower:

Whale without goo[]

Main article: Whale_without_goo

Invisible Whale for Companion[]

Main article: Invisible_Whale_for_Companion

Information to be put in the article, once its created:

This Glitch falls under the ID rule.

The Whale will be invisible for one person and frozen for the other.

Investigation-SMALL-75x43.gif how it looks like for each one. In general this glitch needs to be checked. For the Companion with the frozen Whale, the other Companion on the invisible whale will look like they are „floating around tower“.

"You are higher ID compare with W, T is higher than W

It seems when he ("W") triggered the whale in a special period of time and when low ID sits on whale, your ("T"s) whale would be like frozen

When he leaves the whale, your whale will move again.

Not always happened, just in a period of time..."[3]

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  2. Confirmed by ravingmadness for PS3 and Copytechman for iOS. Should exist on PS4 too. PC unknown.
  3. 2020-03.04 on ThingsCreatives twitch chat. Cang_moon explaining what happened.