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A condensed "Recent Changes". This one shows only the last 500 edits of the past 30 days.

Wiki Update Report is meant to help to find out, what changed since your last visit or exploration of the Wiki. It focuses on important changes, like discoveries, new articles and huge article updates. Not every change will be mentioned here.

New update reports will be added on top of the list.

Report 2021-12 until 2022-04[]

By end of April 2022 the wiki team started to work on Policy and Guidlines, as well as continuing work on the How to contribute to the Wiki article. A To-Do article was created, to give an overview about current and future projects.

Page Date Tag Information
10th Anniversary 2021-12 new A section with several articles for the 10th Anniversary celebrations.
Development, Chapter Select alternative painting reveal sequence 2021-12 new Information about how to get the reveal sequence was added on the Development article.
Dragonfly War Machine#Shuriken_WM 2022-03 new Information about the probably new discovery was added.
User:Seshatienosco/War Machine 1 and 2 2022-01 update This is a work in progress article, but already contains useful and intersting information about the two War Machine in Underground.
Under Construction 2022-01 new Article and Category was created. UC articles were added as subpages and the Template:Under Construction now automatically adds the UC-Category to articles.
Template:Renovating 2022-03 new Template and Category was created, to use on articles that are being renovated.
Top-Navigation bar 2022-04 update Updates, removing "Navigation" sections, splitting community and wiki, adding policy and fandom help links.
Dump Articles category 2022-05 deleted Experimental articles are now under user-namespace or in Under Construction.
PC Version FAQ, High FPS bug added 2022-02 update Information about crashes and other bugs, caused by high FPS.
Community Events 2022-03 new Article to present all events and events that do not have or require their own article. Contains Speedrun events and temporarly events too.
Snow 2022-05 update updated, article contains a lot more information now and looks according to the other articles.
Journey Wiki:Policy 2022-04 new To have some directions on how to behave and which behavoir to avoid on this wiki (work in progress article).
User:Juest/Screensavers draft, Under_Construction/Timeline 2022-05 new Articles that inform about cutscenes and screensaver scenes. Work in progress.
IOS_Version_FAQ and Expert Mode on iOS without Controller 2022-04 update iOS version FAQ was created, for basic help/information about the iOS version. Work in progress.
  • Ongoing typo fixes, text improvements
  • Cleanup, adding Categories, deleting some images,, reviewing articles etc.

Report 2020-10 until 2021-12[]

First report, to summarise the past year.

Many overall changes. A list of new/refurbished articles is below.

Fandom changes[]

Fandom took over Gamepedia and over a year the design change happened, finalised in Summer 2021. Yet the whole process is not finished.

The Wiki Crew decided to not switch to another platform (as some other Wikis did). We are now trying to fix some things, that might be broken, due to automated changes (style, spacing etc.). It's also an opportunity to freshen up the looks of the Wiki.

YOU can help us! Report problems, suggestions, broken links etc.: on talk pages (desktop: up right, 3-dots-menu) - Wiki Discord - Journey Discord #forum_and_wiki - Admin noticeboard.

Personal settings - On the desktop version, on the right bottom side is a tool-bar to customise your wiki experience. Many settings can be found at your profile too and for experienced people: create a personal style.

Mobile view[]

  • Top Navigation now features many more links, better sorted.
  • The Wiki background shows now (depending on settings?). To switch between mobile and desktop view: scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click "view mobile/full site".
  • Ongoing styling, improving the mobile view.

Dark Mode[]


Check out the new Dark Mode!

Simply click the moon symbol to switch.

Front Page refurbish[]

Autumn 2021: Many style-changes, replaced boxes and new icons.


in Community - Event articles updated, new events created, better overview about them on the front page.

Spotlight - A spotlight contest was created. Each month players can submit three images and a community vote decides on the next featured screenshot.

Navigation stuff[]

The drop-down navigation on top got reworked for desktop and mobile. It will be expanded more in future updates.

Navigation-boxes on the bottom of articles and "Main Articles" on top of articles got added.

Several new categories to sort articles, see list below.

How to use the Wiki - Gives an overview and help to find articles, according to expertise. Hints on how to find related articles etc. (December 2021: still work in progress, should be finished before the year ends).

Fancy Flying "all new"[]

Most of the flying articles have much more content and insights now or been reworked. Especially the following ones:

Other articles will be worked on in the future.

The main article got a cleanup (and may be split up in future). Boost comparison with images and tables got added.

Out of Bounds sights[]

Several ones got added, some entrances to OOB were added to and descriptions, trivia etc.

It is planned to make sights an own article per OOB-level, for easier navigation, clearer main articles and to avoid spoiling.


  • Its been worked on to make the How to contribute to the Wiki/Guide to editing the wiki and documentations of templates easy understandable to new editors.
  • Ongoing:
    • Redirects - for alternative names and common search terms.
    • Some Quotes added - There is a "Quotes" section in many articles. Feel free to use the template:quote to state a personal view on the topic covered in that article. Please keep your quotes appropriate.
    • Icons - Many new ones got added (see Front Page). New and old icons are added to article, styled into a box etc.

Update List[]

Sortable list of new or heavily updated articles.
Page Date Tag Information
Maps update Regular updates and improvements.

October 2021: Paradise map added

Crash Zones 2020-10 new Crash zones are invisible areas at the southwest corner of every OOB level. Stepping into a crash zone makes one's game crash.
ID-rule 2021-01 update Cleanup, sorting and adding information. How names are sorted on PC versions.
Unmotivated War Machine 2021-10 new The Unmotivated War Machine is a War Machine that can be found in the Underground level that seems to travel from the Unfriendly Tunnels to the Flyers Eaten Room.
Happy War Machine 2021-10 new Date is when the article got picked up and worked on again. Lots of information added. It is a war machine that seems to behave with any number of actions (e.g. flipping around, wagging its tail) while in the level and also above in the Underground OOB.
Patch Notes 2021-09 new/moved content Moved from Differences Between Versions. Some information added, contains patch notes for all versions (as known).
Carpet Warp 2020-12 new Carpet Warp is a community term used to describe a method where one player gets quickly transferred with a Carpet to another place.
Sandfall /Waterfall 2021-01 new Mini article to clarify terms.
Frequently Asked Questions 2021-01 new Questions that often appear, after the first several Journeys. Add more!
Guide: Steam version - Companions Met Along the Way Problems 2021-01 new Special guide for steam version players. Game crashes and font bugs can make it impossible to find the Companions name, the normal way.
History Lesson Banner new
Off-Sync 2021-01 new Off-sync is when two players are connected and their level is in a different state for each player.
Triggers 2020-11 new This article gives information about Journey specific triggers. Different kinds of triggers are explained and useful triggers for Glitches can be added.
Level Cube / Skybox 2021-01 new The level cube is a sky/lighting cube in which every level is placed. It becomes visible from some OOB places outside the box.
Lost Chirp Bug 2021-01 new If a player receives Lost Chirp bug, most of their Chirps will not be heard.
Steam IF Tricks 2021-08 new This article presents Tricks and Glitches when having IF.
Infinite Flight (IF) on PC 2021-02 new/moved content Now its known, how to get Infinite Flight Glitch on the Steam version.

IF article got split into PS4/PC.

Scarf 2021 updates Cleanups, sorting. Information for newcomers about fly power etc. Added maximum Scarf length and more.
Spotlight contest and submissions 2021-09 new Spotlight image of the month submission steps. Spotlight box added to front page.
War Machine Glitches Category 2021-09 new Category to sort WM Glitches-articles, which where only sorted in Glitches Level categories before.
Whale Glitches Category 2021-09 new Category to sort Whale Glitches-articles, which where only sorted in Tower Glitches categories before. Paradise Whale glitches should be added here too.
Wayfarer Glitches and Movements Category 2021-09 new Category to sort Wayfarer Glitches-articles, as well as movments. Articles about idle animations, pirouette etc should be added here.
Events redone 2021-09 new A new schedule for some events, articles for the events. They can be found under the Community section.
Under Investigation 2021-10 new List of articles, that have an investigation-icon on them; marked Under Investigation. Check it out to help the Wiki to clarify stuff!
To connect or to disconnect! 2021-04 update Added information for PC version players.
Guide to arranging a meetup 2020-11 new
Bryan 2021-09 new Level_Bryan or Level 09 appears to be a work-in-progress/testing sandbox version of Pink Desert (PD).